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Cornelia Funke honorary antiquarian

At November, the 1rst 2009 Cornelia Funke will be handed out this years - honorary antiquarian bookseller 2009/ 2010 during a ceremony at the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum in Hannover. This museum is not only dedicated to the famous german artist, but Germanys first adress for caricature and critical graphic, too.

At the moment there is exhibited Tintenherz und Drachenreiter(Inkheart and Dragonrider), the first publical show of the graphical work of the author for her own books.

Mrs Funke is the second winner of this marelibri-prize after the italian author Umberto Eco. The internet based platform for antiquarian books is a joint venture of numerous european and one american databases for antiquarian books in the web.

Marelibri honours with Cornelia Funke the author of the "Inkheart"-triology.She introduced not only to children and teenagers, but even to adults worlwide her charming characters in this epical novel, whose lifes are driven by books, playing within books, finally are even changed by reading.

Quotation from the beginning of "Inkheart" vol. 1, page 11 in the german version: Everywhere in the house books were stapled .....

Überall in ihrem Haus stapeln sich Bücher. Sie standen nicht nur in Regalen wie bei anderen Leuten, nein, bei ihnen stapelten sie sich unter den Tischen, auf Stühlen, in den Zimmerecken. Es gab sie in der Küche und auf dem Klo, auf dem Fernseher und im Kleiderschrank, kleine Stapel, hohe Stapel, dicke, dünne, alte, neue ... Bücher.

Cornelia Funke is the creator of this bookloving environment and speaks through experience as she collects books herself.

The father of the main character, Mo, is a bookbinder, the Aunt Elinor is a passionate collector, who threatens to shoot her niece if she will only touch at her rarest books.

All this is based in a suspensive story and is told through three thick volumes. "Inkheart" was filmed as a Hollywood movie and analysed in scholar books.

Cornelia Funke has every right to call herself the marelibri-honorary antiquarian bookseller, because of her positive presentation of the passion for books, the collecting of old books, the profession of a bookbinder, of bibliophily. She achieved with her writing to improve the image of the antiquarian book trade in the public mind, but more important, to improve the image of the reading of books for a generation, growing up with the web, the ipod and the mobile in our times so often lacking of intellect.

To thank her, she is not only getting a title of a honorary antiquarian bookseller, but will be offered a rare, old book, a scarce first edition of the german literature, bought from the prolibri-offering brunswickian antiquarian book dealer Stefan Bode (Antiquariat Rosenstraße, Braunschweig). The well-known Duesseldorf based bookbindery Mergemeier has fabricated a fitting slipcase as a memory for the reason of the donation.

As a gift to all marelibri-participants Cornelia Funke has sent an furtherto unpublished text dealing with her own patience for the collecting of rare books explaining how she was infected with this virus, the gentle madness to prolibri.

A picture of the book offered to Cornelia Funke, pics from the ceremony and the first publication of her text could be found after the 1st of November on all participating web sites and on, of course.


Who will give the prize to Cornelia Funke ?

The fifteen years old Jocelyn Behrens, niece of the GIAQ-member und prolibri-dealer Bernhard Gehrmann, antiquarian at Hannover, will hand out our prize to Cornelia Funke.

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