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‎Fischer bob‎


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‎fischer bob‎

‎Wiffle Lever to Full!‎

‎Hodder Paperback. PAPERBACK. 0340961724 Book is in good condition. Cover has some wear. Discolouration present. Fingermarks present. Sloping spine. -- Re-Read is a social enterprise that trades in and recycles books to reduce waste save them from landfill and provide services and activities that promote literacy education attainment and quality of life in South Yorkshire and supports Askern Community Library. All overseas shipping is via Airmail. . Good. Hodder Paperback paperback‎

Référence libraire : B0189648 ISBN : 0340961724 9780340961728

Re-Read Ltd
United Kingdom Reino Unido Reino Unido Royaume-Uni
[Livres de Re-Read Ltd]

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‎Fischer Bob‎

‎WIFFLE LEVER TO FULL! - Daleks Death Stars and Dreamy-eyed Nostalgia at the Strangest Sci-fi Conventions‎

‎Hodder & Stoughton 2008. 1st print. He may not have a TARDIS or an X-Wing Fighter but Bob Fischer is boldly going where um lots of men have gone before. And to a lesser extent possibly even a few women. Paperback. new trade paperback. Hodder & Stoughton paperback‎

Référence libraire : FS09/594 ISBN : 0340962011 9780340962015

Fantastic Literature Ltd
United Kingdom Reino Unido Reino Unido Royaume-Uni
[Livres de Fantastic Literature Ltd]

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Nombre de résultats : 2 (1 Page(s))