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‎Scuole. Concorso per progetti tipo della Regione Lombardia : numero monografico di Prefabbricare. N° 2 mar 1980‎

‎30 cm, br. ill. a col; pp. 501, numerose ill. in nero e col‎

‎Journal and Proceedings of the Hamilton Association for Session of 1895 - 96. Number XII.‎

‎Hamilton, Ontario, The Hamilton Association. 1896. Annual Publication. 8vo. Disbound. pp: 182. Lacks both covers and the index terminates at page 182, probably lacking another page. Fair - Good.‎

書籍販売業者の参照番号 : J14415

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.22. No. 6 - November / December, 1976‎

‎Features: Feather Dusters (serpulid polychaete worms); The SSIT - The Semisubmersible Icebreaking Tanker; A 'Narrow Squeak' for the Brown Pelican; Europe to Harness the Power of the Sea; Puffers (Fugu) - a Taste of Death; Coral Reefs of Moorea; The Fire of St. Elmo; Puerto Rico's Changing Fisheries. Average wear. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.23. No. 1 - January / February, 1977‎

‎Features: Strait of Magellan - the Ultimate Passage; Bluefin Tuna - Vulnerable Giant; The Oriental Art of Abalone Scrimshaw; The International Tsunami Warning System; Superstrain of Oil - Eating Microbes; Shrimps that Dwell with Anemones; Diving into the Future; Capturing Fishes; Progress of Marine Fish Farming in Britain. Average wear. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.23. No. 2 - March / April, 1977‎

‎Features: The World under the Reef; Supertankers - coming or going?; Deep - Water Corals; The Dead Sea; the Misunderstood Morays; Annobon - the forgotten island of the Atlantic; When Scientists and Oystermen Co - operate; Alvin - Window in the Deep. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.23. No. 3 - May / June, 1977‎

‎Features: There is but one Ocean; Florida's Underwater Policemen; Ever Larger Propellers; How Salty is the Ocean; Farming Giant Kelp; Ararat's Mystery Ship; Ranching Atlantic Bluefin. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.23. No. 4 - July / August, 1977‎

‎Features: The Berried Anemone; NESS - National Environmental Satellite Service; Three Critical Aspects of Underwater Photography; The Mussel's Secret Formula; Semisubmersible Ships; Fish and Food Poisoning; Growing Crops on Sand Dunes; Rare Albino Turtle; Voices in the Deep; The Unlikely flower gardens. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.23. No. 5 - September / October, 1977‎

‎Features: San Andreas - An Oceanic Fault that came ashore; The Whale and the Wild JoJoba; The Marlins; Training against Ship Disaster; Antarctica - Rich around the edges; Porcelaneous Sculptors; The Hawaiian Spinner; Concrete Fish Haven. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.24. No. 1 - January / February, 1978‎

‎Features: Sally Lightfoot; El Capitan - Ancient Sea - of - Texas Peak; the Plight of the Loggerhead; the Lost Year; Guiding Ships to Port; Izembek Lagoon; The Legacy of Admiral Beaufort; Creatures of the Deep; Togetherness Underwater. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.24. No. 6 - November / December 1978‎

‎Features: Exploring the Ocean Bottom in Manned Submersibles; Feeding and Spawning of Bluefish; IFOs; El Nino - unwanted guest; Live on California's Wharves; Oil Spills - The Causes and Cures; Long - Lining for Tilefish. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.25. No. 2 - March / April 1979‎

‎Features: A Gallery of Sponges; Environmental Management in Africa; Wasa - Time Capsule into Sweden's Past; John Dory; Constructing a Walrus Skin boat; The Ecology of Coral Reef Algae; Ocean Ice; The Case of the Tainted Mullet. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.25. No. 5 - September / October 1979‎

‎Features: Little Salt Spring; Tokyo Fish Market - A Wholesale Look at the Japanese Diet (Tsukiji); A New Island country; Stars for Kings; Birds of Rabbit Island; The Unknown World of Flipper; Hypothermia - Surviving Killer Cold. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.25. No. 6 - November / December 1979‎

‎Features: Hawaiian Night Life; Imperiled Sea Frontier - Barrier Beaches of the East Coast; Marsh Snails - The Gentle Grazers; Farming Iceland's Seafowl - The Eider Duck; Lifeboat School; Sword - bearer of the Seas; Mystery of Manganese Modules; How Many dolphins?. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.26. No. 1 - January / February 1980‎

‎Features: The Horseshoe Crab - Fisherman's Bane to Medicine's Benefactor; Beaked Whales; New buoys on the Horizon; The Ocean - Climate Connection; The Ospreys of Boca Grande; The Coral Atoll - An Oasis in the Desert; Menhaden - Fish on the run; Creatures of the Deep III. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.26. No. 2 - March / April 1980‎

‎Features: The Multitudinous Reef; Icebreaking by Hovercraft; Flowers that Look to the Sea; giant Spider crabs from Mexico; Butterflies of the Sea; Point Bonita Lighthouse; LIberty - Ship Reefs in the Gulf of Mexico; The Dolphin Project. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.26. No. 3 - May / June 1980‎

‎Features: Tsunami!; Amphipods - Little - Known Crustaceans; The Valuable Alaskan Herring; Seafloor Signals; the Trumpetfish - the advantages of Being Thin; Enewetak Atoll - restoring the environment; Upstaging the Film Stars - tiger shark; The Florida Out - Islands and their unique animals; Ascension. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.26. No. 4 - July / August 1980‎

‎Features: Oceans of Energy; Australia's Great Barrier Reef National Park; The Misunderstood Mussel; How Sharks Feed; The giant staircase and the Pygmy forest; A Tale of Two Oceans; Mercator - the man who straightened out the world; The Turtle Run - From Ascension to Brazil; Save - the - Turtle Stamps. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.26. No. 5 - September / October 1980‎

‎Features: Petroleum under the Sea; The Mysterious Grampus; Columbus's first landfall; Columbus's Arawaks - the sea and the Virtuous Savage; The Cormorant that Evolved Backward; The filter anemone; The Leatherback - turtle without a shell; The Bigeye thresher shark. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.26. No. 6 - November / December 1980‎

‎Features: Dune Busting - How much can our beaches bear?; Nature's Architects; Neptune's Sea - Mail Service; Ocean Drogues and Drifters; One is by land, Two is by sea; Strawberries of the Sea - the Corynactis Anemone; Tides and Turbines; the Crow - of - Thorns Starfish - More sinned against the sinning?; Botany Bay - Strange world revealed on minus tides. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.27. No. 2 - March / April 1981‎

‎Features: New Hope for Sponge Fishery?; Dark - water Octopus; Coastal Retreat; the Penalty of the Hunt; Three Passages to the Pacific; The Continent that wasn't there; Oceans Miami '82; Coral Reefs - A postal tribute. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.27. No. 4 - July / August 1981‎

‎Features: Baja - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow; Drum Island; The Plight of Allopora; Rewarming the Hypothermic Human; Island at the Navel of the World; The Longest Worms of all; Injuries from Corals; Remoras - Hitch - Hikers of the Sea. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.27. No. 5 - September / October 1981‎

‎Features: Mangroves and Man in the Malay Archipelago; Middle World of the Mangrove; The Ups and Downs of Pelagic Birding; Combat on the High Seas; California's Underwater Park Chain; The Bass Strait Overflow; the Cannonball; Turbines in the Ocean; Dragons of the Shore. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.27. No. 6 - November / December 1981‎

‎Features: Fresnel - genius of Illumination; African, Asian and Australasian Lighthouses on Stamps; the Coast Guard's Search - and - rescue Pigeons; Saltwater Fuel; Crustacean Symbiosis; The North Pacific Salmon Shark; Time Capsules in the Sea. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.28. No. 2 - March / April 1982‎

‎Features: When the Mediterranean went dry; Clowns of the Galapagos; Discovery of the Admiral's flagship; The Stars at Night; Full Circle for Vema; The Living Nautilus; 'Fingerprinting' Offending Tankers; One more Whale to Count; the road to Hokkaido; From Father Neptune's Stable. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.28. No. 4 - July / August 1982‎

‎Features: Heard Island - Seal's Haven, Sealer's Nightmare; Ships that Flew; Schooling Hammerheads; Argonaut - Octopus in a Parchment Shell; The Sea Butterfly; Where does the Gulf of Mexico end and the Atlantic Ocean Begin; Angels of the Reef. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.28. No. 6 - November / December 1982‎

‎Features: Puffins, East and West; The Arago Laboratory at Banyuls - a lively centenarian; Artificial Reefs off California; the Secret of the Chalk; Manned Undersea Network; Triton's Triumph; The Poet and the Pirates; Deepwater Shrimps - a new Pacific Fishery; Sumilon Park - a First for the Philippines. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.29. No. 1 - January / February 1983‎

‎Features: The Colorful Flatworms; The Rocks; Keepers in Skirts; the Whales of the Stellwagen; Armed Snails - The Deadly Cones; Belau from Above; Manatees and Power Plants; Saving Crabs from Dredges; Tunas - Nomads of the Sea. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.29. No. 2 - March / April 1983‎

‎Features: Dry Tortugas - Products of Time; Budding Anemone; The Awesome Basking Shark; Fighting oil - platform fires at sea; Sand bars - when the waters ebb; beachfront roulette; the lowly blue bloods. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.29. No. 3 - May / June 1983‎

‎Features: Carmel Bay - Marine oasis in the cold Pacific; Leatherjackets - savory stingers; nations unite to fight pollution; Protecting the Caribbean; Oama summer; Cocos Island - Verdant treasure; Miniature marine foulers; Man - made Island - solution to economic and environmental woes. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.29. No. 4 - July / August 1983‎

‎Features: Boats of Malta; In the belly of the whale; Surf smelt run; burying radioactive waste in the deep - sea floor; eat or be eaten - survival strategies of fishes; least terns of Gasparilla Island; the City of Rio De Janeiro - Voyage #80; the Distressed ocean swimmer; Dredge spoil - not always a waste. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.29. No. 5 - September / October 1983‎

‎Features: Hungry humpbacks forever blowing bubbles; The Great copper - pot hunt; intensive shrimp culture in Japan; Inland seas, reefs and oil; How corals feed; Christchurch Bay's monument to safety; Reef - netting for salmon; Sergeant major on guard; Footprints of glaciers. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.30. No. 2 - March / April 1984‎

‎Features: Crow's nest (editorial); Counting dolphins - new answers to an important question; Coral landscapes; Germany's scuttled imperial fleet; Chilean seafood oddities; Baffin Island Fjords; Tender Trapper; Do Dolphins think without language?; Chesapeake Bay's Underwater forests. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.30. No. 3 - May / June 1984‎

‎Features: Perpetual seafloor metal factory; Swallow - tailed gull of the Galapagos Islands; The cooperative whale and its rescuers; Frying Pan Shoals Light Station - an aid to seafarers and biologists; Sea Squirts; The short , unhappy saga of Steller's sea cow; Milkfish - Southeast Asia's protein machine; Unpalatable Goby. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.30. No. 4 - July / August 1984‎

‎Features: Pet a moray?; Sailors, science, and the sea; Fort Bovisand's diving disease research; Krill swarms in the Bay of Fundy; The old towers; Hurricane! - the enigma of a meteorological monster; CASM's deep dive finds chasm of life. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.30. No. 6 - November / December 1984‎

‎Features: Living Rubies - the flamingos of Bonaire; The Corinth Canal; Herring Fisheries - Comparing the Two Stories; the Cathedral at Coffin's Patch; White lords of the Arctic; Survival at ever greater depths; Man's sea - vessel stamps; Born in captivity - released in the wild. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.31. No. 1 - January / February 1985‎

‎Features: The Giant Clam - Friend or Foe?; Jan Mayen - a little known but important island; An organization to help combat oil spills; Australia's other fishes; Coral reef research and the Wellwood incident; The revolution in salmon culture; St. George Reef Light - Guardian of Dragon Rocks; Nurse sharks' mating ballet. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.31. No. 4 - July - August 1985‎

‎Features: New trouble in the tide pools; Northern elephant seals return; Sunburst after nightfall; Will the Caribbean hawksbill turtle survive?; Unwanted oil and gas production; Li'l Red; Shark hunting on the Arkansas ocean deep; Follow up - Source of the Bermuda freak waves. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.31. No. 5 - September / October 1985‎

‎Features: Bonaire Marine Park - a commitment to conservation; Bright colors in the realm of eternal night; 'ah, for the good old days at sea'; Deadly but not dangerous; Monterey Bay Aquarium - exploring the bay on shore; The shark - more threatened than threatening?; Lights of the Port of New York - Part 1. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.31. No. 6 - November / December 1985‎

‎Features: Florida artificial reefs - alive and growing; Upside - down jellyfish; Mystery muds of Great Bahamas Bank; Pugnacious bicolor demoiselle; Out on a limb - white - tern style; Lights of the Port of New York - part II; Marine Hatcheries - a myth that survived and thrived; Crossroads of the ancient world - Israel's archaeological heritage. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.32. No. 1 - January / February 1986‎

‎Features: Lighted houses in the sea; listening to the grey whales; the mystery of Erebus and Terror; The inflatable sharks - survival of the fattest?; Trivia; Oceanography's new eye in the sky; the fuzzy sponge thing; Kiel Canal - Busiest ship canal in the world; Making light of lifting. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.32. No. 2 - March / April 1986‎

‎Features: Talking with dolphins; If chalk could talk - a sea story over 100 million years old; Portugal's stamps - sea species under threat; The Gulper Eel and its knotty problem; Cape Cod's sister sentries; Cuttlebone - the buoyant skeleton; Ocean - bottom mapping in the 1980s; Skimming for dinner - the feeding behaviour of black skimmers. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.32. No. 3 - May / June 1986‎

‎Features: Diving in an octopus's garden; Asteroid impacts, seafloor sediments, and extinction of the dinosaurs; the Sheepfold; Red Tide - A recurrent marine phenomenon; Megamouth - new species of shark; Why Cadiz must be saved; Anastasia and the reefs of sand. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.32. No. 4 - July / August 1986‎

‎Features: Columbia - glacier in retreat; whales have riders; California's fish and oil - conflict over coexistence; Life in a sunless sea; the oldest shell game; Remember the Maine?; Boobies and frigates - strange bedfellows. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.33. No. 1 - January / February 1987‎

‎Features: The rise and fall of Neptune's kingdom; Krill - food of the future?; Captain Scammon - the whaler who turned naturalist; Egg thieves of Playa Grande; Traditional Squid fishing in the Azores; Starting the wandering gooneys; Not so naked ancestors. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.33. No. 2 - March / April 1987‎

‎Features: Alaskan Marine Life and the Eskiimo - through art; Tails of whales and fins, too; Vancouver Island's undersea kaleidoscope - a diver's paradise; Remote Sensing - adding to your knowledge of oceans; the strangest case of the freshwater marine fishes; Forest in the dunes; Brine Shrimp - Curious crustaceans; rings on coral fingers. Sound copy.‎

‎Sea Frontiers - Vol.34. No. 3 - May / June 1988‎

‎Features: Salad from the sea - cultivating kombu in Hokkaido; The influence of the sea upon our language; Caught in conflict - managers trapped in fisheries dilemma; The Pacific Walrus; RRS Discovery and the Discover investigations; beautiful broccoli of the sea; a portfolio of winners - 1988 international marine photo contest; Save the beaches. Nice copy.‎

‎SEALS: Proceedings of a Working Meeting of Seal Specialists on Threatened and Depleted Seals of the World, Held Under the Auspices of the Survival Service Commission of IUCN. 18 -19 August 1972 at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.‎

‎pp: 176. Illustrated with maps, tables. Appendices. Spine somewhat sunned. IUCN Publications New Series: Supplementary Paper No. 39. A series of seventeen papers presented at the workshop together with a report on the meeting and its recommendations. Each paper has its own bibliography. Book‎

‎Sears (Canada) Fall and Winter Catalog (Catalogue) 1980‎

‎974 pages. Provides a wonderful overview of Canadian taste and fashion a generation ago. Things have definitely changed! Moderate wear. Unmarked. Binding sound. A quality copy. Would make an excellent gift for someone born in 1980.‎

‎Sears (Canada) Spring and Summer Catalogue (Catalog) 1977‎

‎850 pages. Provides a broad cross - section of Canadian tastes and fashions three decades ago. Average wear. Binding sound. Please note: large portions of the last 4 pages of the index have been torn out and are not present. Would make a great gift for someone born in 1977!‎


‎pp: [ 1 - 22] 23 - 1412. Castle Books provide the following caveat with regards pagination... " An occasional break in page numbers occurs in the original 1906 Sears catalog. Other omissions have been made by the publisher to keep this volume within manageable production limits. We have omitted repetitive pages. We believe we have maintained the original flavor of the catalog. The index to the catalog begins in mid - volume on page 603. Fully illustrated with reproductions of the original engraved and photogravure illustrations of the 1906 edition. Other than some browning to the edges of the text block, a very nice copy. Book‎

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