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The Librairie du Bât d'Argent was founded in 1936 at rue du Bât d'Argent (Silver Pack-saddle street), n°3, in mister Nourry's old bookshop that used to be called Aux 500 000 bouquins (the 500 000 books). This place had been a bookshop since 1907, before, it was a hatter's shop... After years of selling new books, renting books, organizing conferences (in the shop's basement), we decided to make catalogues and lists of books in the sixties. First they were made with a roneo and alcohol stencils, then they were printed, then came offsets, photocopies, I've tried everything to make catalogues till 1992 when the Rank Xerox daisy wheel died and I bought a computer with a small ink printer (Magic, compared to offset!)... That's when I discovered the joys of computing... and the internet! When I understood what it was, I started building a site for my bookshop, then an electronic directory of booksellers, finally opened the doors of the site to other colleagues : was born! It was 1995. Since then, the site has grown with the internet. The internet is a great wave which has been pushing around traditions and cliches for the last fifteen years. In this adventure, we learn everyday, we meet new ideas, we adapt to new techniques and we have never ending surprises... The building of Marelibri fits naturally in line with this work.

Pascal Chartier - Livre Rare Book

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