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About Uniliber

Uniliber was born on the 26th of October 2006. It's a non-profit-making association, all professionals of old and modern books may join, and as soon as they're in, they have the same rights and responsabilities as the other members.

On a market full of sites dedicated to the purchase of old books, Uniliber appears with a new particularity, the fact that all members are the owners of the site and therefore may decide for their future by themselves. With this particualrity the site became in a short period of time one of the sites offering the most inetresting books for the hispanic world

The association is managed by a group of volunteers, regularly renewed, elected during a general assembly by the association's members.

Another of our particularities is that all the universitarian and/or academic organisations from any country that publish a book in one of the official language of Spain or simply about Spain, are invited to promote their book freely on Uniliber.

Nicolás Poyato - Uniliber

Also available in these languages: Italiano, Español, Français, Português, Deutsch