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‎Srikarabhasyam / Sripatipanditabhagavatpadacaryaviracitam ; sampadakah Em. Ji. Nanjundaradhyah‎

‎Maisuru [Mysore], Maisuruvisvavidyanilayah, 1977-1978 ??. orig. boards. 25x20cm, (724)+(831)pp, TWO VOLUMES. Volume I in original boards; Volume II in binder's crude blind half-cloth. Rubbed. Some worming to title-pages. Good. ¶ Series: University of Mysore. Oriental Research Institute Series no. 123 & 125 / Pracyavidyasamsodhanalayagranthamala, 123 & 125. Added title-page in English. Includes Badarayanas Brahmasutra. Includes bibliographies and indexes. Text of volume I entirely in Devinagari characters. Volume II contains 185 pages in Kannada characters; remainder in Devanagari. Pagination runs [Vol. I]; (230); (494); [Vol. 2] (24), (622); (185) pp.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS015256I


‎Contribution of Andhra to Sanskrit Literature‎

‎Waltair [Andhra Pradesh], Andhra University, 1972. orig.boards. 22x14cm, 211 pp. Series: Andhra University Series no. 105.. Rubbed. Flyleaves discolored. Good. ¶ Contents: The Early Period; The Kakatiyas of Warangal; The Reddis of Kondavidu; The Velamas of Vijayanagar; The Smaller Principalities; Authors of Unknown Date; Other Writers; Andhras Outside Andhra; Main Trends & Evaluation.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS022373I


‎Srivatsa : An Auspicious Motif of Indian Art‎

‎Allahabad, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, 1983. orig.wrappers. 23x15cm, (30),136pp. Series: Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Ganganatha Jha Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapitha Studies, No. 2.. Light corner bump. VG. ¶ Includes a 2-page English preface. Remainder of text entirely in Devanagari characters. Not listed in Worldcat. Iconographic study of Srivatsa (Child of Mother Goddess) symbolism in ancient Indian art. Textual drawings.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS022417I

‎STAAL, J. F.,‎

‎Word Order in Sanskrit Und Universal Grammar..‎

‎Dordrecht, D. Reidel Publishing Company, 1967. xi, 98p., original cloth (Foundations of language. Supplementary series, 5).‎

Bookseller reference : 009869


‎Euclides en Panini.‎

‎Amst., Polak & v.Gennep, 1963. 43 p. Stiff wrappers. 24 cm (Inaugural lecture)‎

Bookseller reference : 116733


Antiquariaat Fragmenta Selecta
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‎The conception of Buddhist nirvana (with Sanskrit text of Madhyamaka-Karika). With comprehensive analysis & introduction by Jaideva Singh‎

‎Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, Varanasi & Patna, 1977. Reprint, Original Cloth. Ex-Library. 9780842608886 n. xiii, 100, 222, 54 & 42 pages. With library stamps and labels. Slight wear to spine & covers. Slight fading to spine. Quantity Available: 1. Category: Religion; Indian Subcontinent History and Topography; Philosophy; n. ISBN: 0842608885. ISBN/EAN: 9780842608886. Pictures of this item not already displayed here available upon request. Inventory No: 003050.‎

Bookseller reference : 003050 ISBN : 9780842608886


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‎Chrestomathie Sanskrite. Paris, Maisonneuve, 1977. In-8, broché, couv. impr.‎

‎Etat de neuf.‎

Bookseller reference : 10674


‎Elementarbuch der Sanskrit-Sprache. Grammatik, Texte, Wörterbuch‎

‎Berlin, Alfred Töpelmann, 1952. viii + 120pp. 13th edition, 23cm. hardcover (editor's green cloth), Good condition, X82286‎

Bookseller reference : X82286


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‎Elementarbuch der Sanskrit-Sprache. Grammatik, Texte, Wörterbuch‎

‎München, Louis Köhlers Hof- und Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1908. vi + 118pp. 25cm. ex.libr. modern blind wrappers, text G, X71186‎

Bookseller reference : X71186


De Lezenaar
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‎Elementarbuch der Sanskrit-Sprache. Grammatikm Texte, Wörterbuch‎

‎Breslau: Köhlers, 1892. 115 S. Hlwd. .‎

Bookseller reference : 12152


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‎The Hitopadesa and Its Sources.‎

‎American Oriental Society, New Haven, Connecticut, 1960.. 109 pp, small 4to (10 1/8" H), soft cover. Section headings: Abbreviations; Introductory Note; The Hitopdesa and the Pancatantra; The Hitopadesa and Other Sources; Concluding Note; Tables; Annex; Index. Interior - very soft small crease on first three pages, wrinkling at top corner of last three pages, one page with small corner crease, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - area of light edge wear/creasing at top edge of front cover - migrates into first few p ages, wrinkling at top corner of rear cover. Very Good-.‎

Bookseller reference : 21129


‎Das Niän Pu. Eine Untersuchung zu den literarischen Formen chinesischer Biographien.‎

‎Darmstadt, for the Author, L. C. Wittich'sche Hofbuchdruckerei, 1935. Octavo. Pp. 67. Bound in the original printed wrappers. In fine condition. ¶ ~ First and only edition. Doctoral dissertation, presented to the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main.‎

Bookseller reference : 4832 ISBN : 1935


Librarium of The Hague
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‎Chinese Pictorial Art, Illustrated by Coloured and Collotyped Reproductions from the Author's Collection with Descriptions and Notes on the History of Drawing, Writing, etc., Translated from Standard Chinese Authors. [AND:] Supplement Illustrating a Few Interesting Pieces of Bronze, Ceramics, and Jade.‎

‎Shanghai, Printed by the Commercial Press, 1914. Two parts in one volume. Quarto. Pp. 324, iv; 74. Coloured frontispiece. Numerous collotype and coloured plates interleaved with text leaves. Each plate protected with a facing tissue-guard. Hardcover, bound in the original publisher's lovely silk-covered boards, sewn with threads in traditional Chinese style, upper board richly illustrated in gilt, and with gilt lettering, bit discoloured, cloth over spine rubbed off, spine heads bit worn. In a very fine internal condition. Excellent interior, exceptionally well preserved, crisp plates. ¶ ~ First edition. Copy number 65 (of 66) from the Östasiatiska Museet, Stockholm, with two stamps to that effect. Includes list of dynasties; notes on the history and technique of Chinese drawing and painting; supplement of plates illustrating Chinese bronzes, ceramic art, and jade. Collotype is one of the most accurate and attractive methods of photomechanical tonal printing processes. Highly skilled and expensive process, it cannot produce more than a limited number of impressions. It has been used for single-sheet prints and luxury portfolios, and since the 1950s has been abandoned by all except a few small specialist firms. Uncommon in such fine internal condition.‎

Bookseller reference : 4192 ISBN : 1914


Librarium of The Hague
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‎... Världs-språkens rötter. Stockholm, Albert Bonnier, 1911.‎

‎Pp. (iv), 191. With one folding plate. Original printed wrappers, partly unopened. A treatise on the origin of languages by the Swedish renowned author August Strindberg. Comprises: 1. The Chinese language - 214 roots - compared with Sanskrit, Hebrew, Latin etc.; 2. Sanskrit - 400 roots - compared with Hebrew, Greek, Latin , etc; 3. Lingua sancta Hebrew - 600 roots - compared with Greek, Latin, and Germanic. Zetterlund I:124.‎

Bookseller reference : 99668


‎The legend of King Asoka. A study and translation of the Asokavadana‎

‎Delhi, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, 2002. xiv + 336pp. 23cm. in the "Buddhist tradition series" vol.6, cloth, dustwrapper, G, X71250‎

Bookseller reference : X71250


De Lezenaar
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‎Narada Sutra, an Inquiry Into Love (Bhakti Jijnasa)‎

‎London, Watkins. 1904, Second Edition. Cloth, 16mo - over 5? - 6? tall. (200 gram rate) Translated from the Sanskrit, with an Independent Commentary, second edition, very tidy, endpapers browned, Theosophical Book Depot ticket to fep, ADYAR Theosophical Publishing House blind stamp to title, 64pp, a study of Bhakti Yoga. Very Good/No Jacket.‎

Bookseller reference : 006666


‎Abhisamayamanjari / Mnon-par-rtogs-pa'i sne-ma [ Abhisamayamanjari of Subhakara Gupta ]‎

‎Sarnath [Varanasi], Inst. Higher Tibetan Studies, 1993. orig.wrappers. 24x18cm, (59),94 pp. Series: Durlabha Bauddha Granthamala / Rare Buddhist Text Series, 11. Published in an edition of 550 copies.. Minor rubbing. Corner bump. VG. ¶ Buddhist Tantric text, ascribed to Subhakaragupta. Sanskrit and Tibetan text. Prefatory matter in English and Hindi.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS020999I

‎SUBRAMANIA IYER, K. A. [1896-1980]‎

‎The Vakyapadiya : Some Problems‎

‎Poona, Bhandarkar Research Institut, 1982. orig.wrappers. 21x13cm, v,69 pp. Series: Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Post-graduate and Research Department series, no. 14.. Minor rubbing. Cover corner crease. VG. ¶ Contents: Some Aspects of Bhartrhari's Sabdadvaita; Bhartyrhari on Sphota; The Vakyapadaiya and the Pramanas.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS011508I


‎Glimpses of Buddhist Culture in India : Including Four Dance Dramas‎

‎New Delhi, Ashish Publishing House, 1983. orig.cloth, dustwrapper.. 22x14cm, 122 pp.. Minor rubbing. VG. ¶ English introduction & commentary, with Sanskrit drama text and English translation. Consists of four Sanskrit dance dramas including 'Parimala Madhaveeyam'; 'Prabuddha Mekhaleeyam'; Khemanguli Maleeyam' ; & 'Mahakanya Sangha Natakam'.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS023279I


‎Suryasiddhantah / Sudhakaradvivedipranitaya "Sudhavarsini" tikaya samvalitah ; sampadakah Krsnacandradvivedi‎

‎Varanasyam, Samskrta Visvavidyalaye, 1987. orig.cloth. 22x14cm, (52),256 pp. Series: Ma Ma Sudhakaradvivedi-granthamala, vol. 1.. Minor rubbing. VG. ¶ Text in Sanskrit. Entirely in Devanagari characters. Classical work on Hindu astronomy.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS014474I


‎Kavya: Theory and Practice‎

‎Cracow, 2000. orig.wrappers. 21x14cm, 87pp, Series: Jagiellonian University, Institute of Oriental Philology, Cracow Indological Studies, Vol. 2.. Minor rubbing. VG. ¶ Contents:" Kãvya" as Defined in Sanskrit Poetics; Sanskrit Kãvya Literature and European Baroque Literature: The Comparison between the Baroque Idea of "Conceit" and the Idea of "Vatrokti"; Mallinãtha and Classical Indian Theoreticians of Literature on Descriptions in the "Mahãkãvya"; "Kãmãyani" by Jayasankar Prasãda Mahãkãvya of Modern Hindi Poetry; Jayadeva's "Gitagovinda" and the Stage Traditional of Kerala; To be Novel and Canonical: A Few Remarks on Textual Strategies in the "Rigveda".‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS002307I


‎De Bhagavadgita - Nederlandse vertaling en enkele hoofdstukken beschouwingen‎

‎Utrecht, Storm, 1958. 148pp.+ losbladig 2pp.stellingen, [Academisch proefschrift ter verkrijging van de graad van Doctor in de Letteren en Wijsbegeerte aan de R.U.Utrecht]‎

Bookseller reference : T38338


De Lezenaar
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‎Sugamanvaya Vrtti, a Late Commentary in Jaina Sanskrit on Kalidasa’s Meghaduta, by the Jaina Muni Sumativijaya...‎

‎Poona, Deccan College, 1965. orig.wrappers. 21x13cm, (316)+(256)pp, TWO VOLUMES. Series: Deccan College, Building & Centenerary & Silver Jubilee Series, 5.. Spine of Volume 2 crudely paper-taped. Good. ¶ Full title concludes: "..Critically edited with an introduction and explanatory and critical notes". Pagination runs [Vol. 1] (8), 290, xviii pp; [Vol. 2] (4), 248, iv pp. Contents: [Vol. 1]: Sumativijaya, His Date & Place of Literary Activity; Structure & Characteristics of the Commentary; Language of the Commentary; MSS on which the Critical Text is Based; Principles Followed in the Restoration of the Text; Tradition of the Meghaduta Followed by Sumativijaya [Pages 94 - 210 entirely in Devanagari characters] [Vol.2] Notes to the Text; Bibliography; Index.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS008403I


‎Historical Backround of the Konkani Language with Special Reference to Its Relationship with Sanskrit and Prakrit : Phonological‎

‎Kochi [Kerala], Sukrtindra Research Inst. 2012. 2nd Edition, orig. wrappers. 21x14cm, 122 pp. Series: Sukrtindra Indological Series, 15.. Minor wear. Light corner bump. VG. ¶ Full title reads: "Historical Backround of the Konkani Language with Special Reference to Its Relationship with Sanskrit and Prakrit : Phonological Study".‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS026874I


‎Development of Moral Philosophy in India‎

‎Ungar Publishing. 1965. Hard Cover. Hardcover/pub.1965/Gd. condition/246 pages- Based on extensive research into the original Sanskrit and Pali texts, presents Indian thought from the time of the Vedas and the Upanisade. (KE86802). Good.‎

Bookseller reference : 6802


‎The Upanishads - Katha, Isa, Kena And Mundaka‎

‎Phoenix House, 1951, 1st edition. Cloth, dj, VG/VG. xiv+319pp, cloth a little worn & bumped at the edges, dustjacket likewise with a yellowed spine & some rubbing at the head & tail. Hardback with dustjacket. ¶ Translated from the Sanskrit this collection of 4 primary upanishads represent approximately in Hinduism what the New Testament does for Christians. The spiritual essays were written down between 800 - 400 BC.‎

Bookseller reference : 34905


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‎The Upanishads : Breath of the Eternal‎

‎New York, New York, U.S.A.: Mentor Books, 1957. Mass Market Paperback. pb,light wear/soil,translated from the original Sanskrit,near Fine; 12mo 7" - 7½" tall; 128 pages. Very Good with no dust jacket.‎

Bookseller reference : 36615


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‎Shanti Sadan Publishing. 1965. Hard Cover. Hardcover/pub.1965/Gd. condition/487 pages - A treastise on Advaita Metaphysics. Translated from the Sanskirt by Hari Prasad Shastri. (C83239z). Good.‎

Bookseller reference : 3239z


‎Aparokshanubhuti or Self-Realization or Sri Sankaracharya‎

‎Calcutta, Advaita Ashrama. 1973, Reprint. Softcover, 12mo. GRey card covers, rather yellowed to edges, spine lightly creased. Unmarked. Very Good/No Jacket.‎

Bookseller reference : 59472


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‎The Geeta - the Gospel of the Lord Shri Krishna‎

‎London, Faber and Faber. 1965. Hard Cover, 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. A Fine unmarked copy with dustjacket which has wear to edges and is not price clipped. 95 pages. Preface by Sir Sayaji Rao Gaekwar, The Maharajah of Baroda. First published in 1935 and dedicated by Purohit Swami to William Butler Yeats. The Geeta is to Hindus what the Bible is to Christians, the Koran to Muslims. It is unique among sacred books in that it deals not only with man's spiritual and moral difficulties but with those that are intellectual. Generations have found its intellectual unification of experience the framework wherein they can fit the observations and discoveries of their lives. Fine/Good.‎

Bookseller reference : 009842


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‎Malabikagnimitra: A Drama in Five Acts by Kalidasa. Translated into Bengali by Sourindro Mohun Tagore, Mus. Doc.‎

‎Calcutta, Printed by S.P. Chatterjee at the New Bengal Press. 1877. Hardcover. Book, Second Edition.[x], 164pp, printed Indian heraldic device with small figure of a god underneath which are two sitar-like instruments and English initials on front blank following title page. 24mo/13.5cm. Text in Bengali with an extra title page in English. Original blue cloth with gilt image on front board of Hindu (?) goddess holding two small objects bordered by circular gilt sunspray underneath which are Bengali words which translate as, "Tell only the truth."; board cloth badly eroded from old mildew, boards detached from text block but held together by fragile and faded spine cloth; despite this, text block clean and surprisingly tight. S. M. Tagore (1840-1914) was a prominent Bengali musicologist, translator and writer. Not listed in OCLC. Scarce to rare. Good.‎

Bookseller reference : 000811


‎A Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Collections of the Sanskrit College. Volume One, Part II‎

‎Calcutta, Sanskrit College, 1965. orig.wrappers. 24x15cm, (353) pp, Pagination runs 146-509.. Minor rubbing. VG. ¶ Manuscripts no.s 176 - 700 catalogued & described, all concerning Nyaya school of Hindu philosophy.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS019830I


‎... çryâ Lahari (containing 90 verses). Calcutta, Printed and published by B.N. Nandy, at the Valmiki Press, 1896.‎

‎Pp. (vi), 222. Text in Sanskrit, also with title and dedication in English. Contemporary half cloth, spine gilt with title label (faded), lightly rubbed. Bookplate.‎

Bookseller reference : 100501



‎Tirupati, Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, 1984. orig.boards. 23x16cm, (4), 184 pp, Rubberstamp to title-page.. Some rubbing. In a rubbed & torn dustwrapper. Good+. dustwrappe ¶ Includes a 1-page English introduction. Text entirely in Devanagari characters. Study of Vedic conceptions of statecraft based on the three divisions of Vedic society.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS008965I


‎Sugama : Vaisesikasútravrttih / Desikatirumalatátácáryah ; sampadakah. Vi Sri Ranganathacaryah‎

‎Prayagah, Ganganathajhakendriyasa, 1979. orig.wrappers. 23x15cm, (14),130 pp.. Some minor rubbing. Small corner bump. VG. ¶ In Sanskrit. Prefatory matter in English and Sanskrit. Commentary on Kanada’s Vaisesikasutra, aphoristic work on the basic tenets of the Vaisesika school in Hindu philosophy. Includes Kanada’s Vaisesikasutra. Cover title: Vaisesika sutra vrttih..‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS023416I

‎Edgerton Franklin translated from the Sanskrit by‎

‎THE PANCHATANTRA : An Edition for the General Reader‎

‎London: George Allen & Unwin 1965. HB red boards in printed DJ 151pp. Moderaste rubbing creasing to edges of price-clipped DJ now protected in poly film. Book has minor rubbing to covers inside square clean tight & unnmarked. The famous book of moral stories and fables from ancient India. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. George Allen & Unwin hardcover‎

Bookseller reference : jen003876

Grandmahawk's Eyrie
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‎Edgerton Franklin translated from the Sanskrit by‎

‎THE PANCHATANTRA : An Edition for the General Reader‎

‎George Allen & Unwin. Used - Very Good. Ships from the UK. Former Library book. Great condition for a used book! Minimal wear. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Your purchase also supports literacy charities. George Allen & Unwin unknown‎

Bookseller reference : GRP80309887

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‎An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Chinese Reference Works. Revised Edition. (Harvard-Yenching Institute Studies, II).‎

‎Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1950. Crown quarto. Pp. x, 326. Bound in the original stiff wrappers, plasticized, some annotations to first free endpaper. In a very good condition, fine, clean interior. ¶ ~ Revised Edition. Harvard-Yenching Institute Studies, II.‎

Bookseller reference : 4797 ISBN : 1950


Librarium of The Hague
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‎Laghu-Prabandha-Sangraha. Edited with a Critical Study of the Text‎

‎Baroda, Oriental Institute, 1970. orig.boards. 25x15cm, ( 297 ) pp, Published in an edition of 500 copies. A chip to dustwrapper.. Some binding corner bumps,title rubberstamp, VG. dustwrapper ¶ Consists of xiii,(2),144 pp English Critical Introduction + 31pp Sanskrit text + 97pp English apparatus.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS005779I


‎Jñanas'rimitranibandhavalih / Anantalalathakkuradevas'armana sampadita‎

‎Patana [Bihar], Jayasavala Sodhasamstha, (1987). 2nd Edition. orig.cloth. 24x16cm, [77], 642 pp. Series: Kashi Prasad Jayaswal Research Institute, Tibetan Sanskrit Works Series, V / Bhotades'iya-Samskrta-granthamala 5.. Rubbed. Some light binding stains. Corner bumps. Good. ¶ In Sanskrit; prefatory matter in English and Sanskrit. Title on added title-page: "Buddhist philosophical works of Jñanas'rimitra‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS020626I


‎Dharmashastriya nibandhavali : Mahamahopadhyayasat hakkuramahesaviracita ; sampadakau Sriramacandramisarah..,.‎

‎Darbhanga, Mithila Institute, 1978. orig.boards. 23x15cm, (72),269 pp, A small stain to side page-edge. Holes and stains to dustwrapper.. Rubbed. Binding stained & discolored. Just Good. ¶ Pagination runs 6,5,61,269 pp. Sanskrit text. Entirely in Devanagari characters. Hindu law digests. Series: Mithila Institute Ancient Text Series / Mithilasodhasamsthanagranthamala : pracinagranthavalau ; puspam 28/ No. 28.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS016558I


‎The Geographical Information in the Skanda-Purana: Based on the Tirtha-Yatra Portion‎

‎Darbhanga, Mithila Institute, 1979. half-cloth. 23x15cm, viii,(761) pp. Binder's recent crude blind half-cloth.. Some rubbing. Spine sloped. Good. ¶ Series: Mithila Institute Series. Studies in English; No. 7. Contents: Tirthas of North India; Tirthas of South India; Tirthas of East India; Tirthas of West India; Tirthas of Central India; Index of Places of Pilgrimage.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS012919I


‎The Chowkhamba Sanskrit Studies Vol. LVIII: The Hunas in India‎

‎Varanasi, Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office. 1967, First Edition. Cloth, 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Hardcover, Lightly pencil marked throughout. Penciled notes on back end pages. Moderate and characteristic rippling of end pages and binding. Otherwise textblock and binding is clean and tight. Rubbed, unclipped dust jacket with chiped corners, chip at foot of spine, closed edge tears, pencil underlining. 344p. including bibliography and index. Good/Good.‎

Bookseller reference : SJ8772


‎Advaitavedantasahityetihasakosah [Advaita-Vedanta Literature, a Bibliographical Survey]‎

‎Madras, University of Madras, 1980. orig.cloth. 24x14cm, (57),518,(2)pp, Rear interior hinge cracked. Flyleaves discolored. Pinhole to bindings. Some foxing.. Rubbed. Binding corners bumped. Just Good. ¶ Text entirely in Devanagari characters. "Advaita-Vedanta Literature, a Bibliographical Survey" - cover title. Series: Madras University Sanskrit series ; no. 36.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS013679I


‎A Wandering Student in the Far East, I-II. [TWO VOLUMES].‎

‎Edinburgh and London, William Blackwood, 1908. Two volumes. Royal octavo. Pp. xviii, 317, plus a folding map, coloured along route, bound at end, cut into two parts along fold; viii, 360. Plus different frontispiece to each volume, with tissue-guard, and numerous photographic plates. Hardcover, uniformly bound in the original publisher's full green cloth, embossed lettering on cover, spine gilt, contemporary inscription to one volume. A very good, untrimmed set, in overall fine condition, a bit foxed in places. ¶ ~ First edition. Lawrence John Lumley Dundas, Marquess of Zetland (1876-1971), a British politician, Secretary of State for India in the late 1930s. Beside with China, his travelogue deals also with Japan, Korea, Manchuria.‎

Bookseller reference : 4210 ISBN : 1908


Librarium of The Hague
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‎Living without Cruelty. Labour's Charter for Animal Protection. The Labour Party July 1978‎

‎Hardback The Labour Party, London, 1978. First Edition, Library binding preserving original wrappers. Good Condition (ex-library)/No Dust Jacket. 9780861170050 n. With library stamps and labels. Slight wear to spine & covers. Slight fading to spine. Size: 8vo. 53 pages. Item Type: Hardback. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: Under 250 grams. Category: Social & Cultural History; Law & Legal Histry; South Africa; 1960s; British History & Topography. n. ISBN: 0861170059. ISBN/EAN: 9780861170050. Pictures of this item not already displayed here available upon request. Inventory No: 015402.‎

Bookseller reference : 015402 ISBN : 9780861170050


Literary Cat Books
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‎Sacrifice in the Brahmana-Texts‎

‎Poona, University of Poona, 1975. orig.boards, dustwrapper. 25x17cm, 345 pp, University of Poona doctoral dissertation.. Corners bumped,some rubbing, Good. ¶ Contents: Introduction; Origin & Growth of the Sacrifice according to the Brahmana-Texts; Vicissitudes of the Sacrifice; Discussions in the Brahmana-Texts; Elevation of the Sacrifice in the Brahmana-Texts; Sacrifices & Ancillary Rites; The Performers of Sacrifice in the Brahmana-texts; Result of the Sacrifice according to the Brahmana-Texts; The Doctrine of the Sacrifice in the Brahmana-Texts; Henoritualism of the Brahmana-texts; Recapitulation; Bibliography.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS004862I


‎Handbuch des Sanskrit, mit Texten und Glossar. Ein Einführung in das sprachwissenschaftliche Studium des altindischen. Teil I: Grammatik, 1.Einleitung und Lautlehre‎

‎Heidelberg, Carl Winter, 1958. Volume I,1 (Einleitung und Lautlehre): xvi + 347pp. hardback (editor's blue cloth), 20cm. 3rd revised edition, Good condition, X77701‎

Bookseller reference : X77701


De Lezenaar
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‎Handbuch Des Sanskrit Mit Texten Und Glossar. Eine Einführung in Das Sprachwissenschaftliche Studium Des Altindischen. I. Teil: Grammatik. Zweite Auflage. Manuldruck Der Ersten Auflage Verbessert Und Mit Nachträgen Versehen Von Hermann Hirt‎

‎Carl Winter's Universitätsbuchhandlung, 1930. Second Edition. Hardcover. Upper joint is rubbed with a bit of the blue cloth abrased off. Light tanning to pages. Still in excellent condition. ; Indogermanische Bibliothek. Vol 1 Only; Vol. 1; 538 pages. Very Good with no dust jacket .‎

Bookseller reference : 15408


‎Calm and Clear‎

‎Tibetan Nyingma Mediatation Center Publisher. 1974. Soft Cover. PB/pub. 1974/Gd. condition/127 pages - A life of self discovery.. (KI45010z). Good.‎

Bookseller reference : 5010z

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