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‎Zur Textgeschichte der Pancagnividya, [Reprinted from] Weiner Zeitschrift fur die Kunde Sudasiens und Archiv fur Indische Philosophie. Band XXXVIII.‎

‎Wien: Osterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1994. [43-60] pp. 8vo. Paper wrappers. Offprint. A very good clean crisp copy with a small soiled mark on front wrapper.‎

Bookseller reference : 30739


‎Katalog chinesischer buddhistischer Textfragmente, I-II. [TWO VOLUMES].‎

‎Berlin, Akademie-Verlag, 1975-85. Two volumes. Tall quarto. Pp. 209, plus 34 plates with 50 facsimiles; 94, plus 52 plates with 77 facsimiles. Uniformly bound in the original stiff wrappers. In fine condition. Excellent set. ¶ ~ First edition. Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR, Zentralinstitut für Alte Geschichte und Archäologie. Schriften zur Geschichte und Kultur des Alten Orients. Berliner Turfantexte VI, XIV.‎

Bookseller reference : 3809 ISBN : 1975


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‎A Bibliography of the Sanskrit Drama with an Introductory Sketch of the Dramatic Literature of India‎

‎New York, AMS Press, 1965. Reprint. orig.cloth. 25x15cm, xi,105 pp, Series: Columbia University Indo-Iranian Series, Volume III.. Minor rubbing. A small spot to top page edge. VG. ¶ Contents: Introductory Sketch of the Sanskrit Drama; General Works on the Sanskrit Drama: Hindu Works on Dramatics; Works of General Criticism; Chapters in Histories of Sanskrit Literature; Collected Translations of Sanskrit Dramas; Names of Authors & Titles of their Works; Appendices: Some Dramas in the Modern Vernaculars; Classification of the Dramas.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS009948I


‎A Bibliography of the Sanskrit Drama with an introductory sketch of the dramatic literature of India.‎

‎New York: AMS,1965. Reprint 1906-ed. Clothbound. xii,105 pp. (Columbia University Indo-Iranian Series 3). Mailorder only - Alleen verzending mogelijk. . ISBN‎

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‎Bibliotheca Mongolica. Part I: Works in English, French, and German. (Program in East Asian Studies, Occasional Papers, Vol. 12).‎

‎Bellingham, Western Washington University, 1978. Quarto. Pp. xiv, 355, (2). Text illustrations. Hardcover, bound in the original publisher's full yellow cloth, black lettering to cover and spine. Excellent copy in a very good external condition and in fine internal condition. ISBN 091458412X ¶ ~ First edition. Program in East Asian Studies, Occasional Papers, Vol. XII.‎

Bookseller reference : 4804 ISBN : 091458412X


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‎Mongolia and the Mongols: Holdings at Western Washington University. (East Asian Research Aids and Translations, Vol. 4).‎

‎Bellingham, Western Washington University, 1992. Thick quarto. Pp. xviii, 905. Frontispiece map, text illustrations. Bound in the original stiff wrappers. A brand-new copy in mint condition. ISBN 091458488X ¶ ~ First edition. East Asian Research Aids and Translations, Vol. IV.‎

Bookseller reference : 4805 ISBN : 091458488X


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‎A Dictionary of the Vedic Rituals based on the Srauta and Grhya Sutras‎

‎Delhi, Concept Publishing Co. (1982). Reprint, orig.cloth. 24x18cm, 168,(16) pp. Minor binding rubbing & soil,rubberstamp & label to flyleaf,VG.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS005288I

‎SEN, S.N.‎

‎A Bibliography of Sanskrit Works on Astronomy & Mathematics. Part I: Manuscripts,Texts,Translations & Studies‎

‎New Delhi, Natl.Institute of Sciences, (1966). orig.cloth. 22x14cm, xxiii, 258 pp, All published?. some minor rubbing,slight dustwrapper soil,VG, dustwrapper‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS001769I


‎The Institution of Stridhana in the Dharmasastra‎

‎Calcutta, Sanskrit College, 1995. orig.boards. 24x15cm, xii,375,v pp, Light bumps to spine edges.. Some rubbing. Some light discoloration to flyleaves. VG. ¶ Series: Calcutta Sanskrit College Research Series No. CLI. Contents: Women's Property: Concept & Backround; The Evolutionary Stages of Stridhana; An Enquiry into the History of Stridhana in its Various Forms; Legal Effects &Incidents of Stridhana; Succession to Stridhana; Stridhana Under Modern Enactments; Appendices: Chronological Order of the Smrti Writers; Their Commentators & the Digest-Writers; List of Verses & Half Verses Quoted in the Book; Glossary. Includes passages in Sanskrit ( Sanskrit in Roman and Devanagari characters).‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS000901I


‎Rasarnava / by Shankar Mishra‎

‎Allahabad, Kendriya Samskrta Vidyapitha, 1991. boards. 23x15cm, (16),68 pp. Crude binder's cloth-backed boards with original cover wrapper bound-in. Minor rubbing. Good. ¶ Series: Ganganatha Jha Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Gairvanigauravagranthamala, 6 sumanam. Sanskrit text. Includes a 3-page English preface. Remainder of text in Devanagari characters. ["...a unique collection of subhasitas from the pen of Shankara Mishra, the most illustrious of Indian logicians who flourished inthe last qurter of the 15 th century..." - preface].‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS021808I


‎Cataloging of Persian Works, Including Rules for Transliteration, Entry, and Description.‎

‎Chicago, American library Association, 1959. Quarto. Pp. xiv, 161. Hardcover, bound in the original publisher's full cloth, large decoration blind embossed on cover, gilt lettering to cover and spine. In a very good condition and with fine, fresh interior. ¶ ~ First edition.‎

Bookseller reference : 4775 ISBN : 1959


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‎Kanva Samhita. With the Padapatha & the Commentaries of Sayanacarya and Anandabodha‎

‎Pune, Vaidika Samsodhana Mandala, 1988 - 1992. orig.cloth. 25x17cm, (579)+(664)pp, TWO VOLUMES. The front interior hinge of Volume 2 reinforced with cloth tape. An inked number to the bot. Publisher's blind cloth. Some rubbing. Corners bumped. ¶ Consists of [Vol. 1] a 21 page English introduction + 558 pp Sanskrit text entirely in Devanagari characters with English apparatus; [Vol. 2] 17 page English introduction + 647 pp Sanskrit text entirely in Devanagari characters with English apparatus.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS010330I


‎Pancavidha-Sutra and Matralaksana with Commentaries‎

‎Tirupati, Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, 1970. orig.boards. 24x15cm, (19),168 pp. Series: Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha Series, 10-11.. Rubbed. Spine cloth-taped. Spine extremities chipped. Just Good. ¶ Includes a 19-page English introduction. Remainder of text in Sanskrit ( Devanagari characters) with English apparatus.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS022878I


‎Indian Medicine in the Classical Age.‎

‎Varanasi: The Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office, 1972.. First edition. Hardcover. Very good in very good dust jacket. 265pp.‎

Bookseller reference : 30905


‎Lokayta and Vratya‎

‎Naihati [West Bengal], Shastri Gaveshana Kendra, 1982. orig.wrappers. 21x13cm, 69 pp. Introduction by Anil Kumar Bandyopadhyay. General editor: Satyajit Chaudhury.. Minor wear. Corner bump. Small hole to one page. Good. ¶ Contents: Lokayata; Absorption of the Vratyas; Appendices: Presidential Address 1920, Asiatic Society of Bengal; From Magadhan Literature.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS025886I


‎Durga Dutt Shastri‎

‎Shimla, Himachal Academy of Arts, (2000). orig.wrappers. 21x14cm, 72, (8) pp. Minor rubbing, VG. ¶ Text in Devanagari characters. A tribute to & study of the writings of Himachal Pradesh Sanskrit-language poet Durga Datt Shastra [author of " Rashtra-Path-Pradarshanam" & "Tarjani" (Sanskrit didactic 'niti' literature in Anushtup metre)].‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS008830I


‎Traverses on Less Trodden Path of Indian Philosophy and Religion‎

‎Ahmedabad [Gujarat], L.D. Institute of Indology, 1991. orig. wrappers. 24x16cm, vii,292 pp. A small tear to cover.. Spine heavily rubbed. Corners bumped. Good. ¶ Series: Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Institute of Indology, L.D. series, 109. Text in English and Sanskrit (Sanskrit in roman and Devanagari). Contents: Reconciliation of different philosophical view points: an attempt made by Jaina philosophers; Refutation of Advaita Vedanta in major Jaina works; Umasvati's contribution to Indian philosophy: Doctrine of degrees of reality in Jainism, Buddhism and Vedantas; Prasamaratiprakarana & commentaries on it; Tattvarhadhigamasutra & Prasamarati: a study; Adhyatamopanisatprakarana of Yasovijaya: a study; Conception of existence and substance in Jainism; Nagarjuna is Mahayanist; Conception of Maya / illusion) in Asangaøs Vijnanavada Buddhism; Conception of reality in Mahayana Buddhism; Upanisadic influence in Mahayanasutralankara; Conception of Nirvana uin Asanga's Vijnanavada Buddhism; Conception of Alayavijnana; Tripura Tantra (Srividya): Its philosophy & path of Sadhana; Place of suicide in Indian culture and religions; Code of conduct for monks and house-holders with special reference to Prasamarati; Atmaboda ( Alocana) of Padmanandi...‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS026920I


‎Kavi and Kavya in the Atharvaveda‎

‎Poona, University of Poona, 1967. orig.boards. 21x14cm, viii,185 pp, Publications of the Centre of Advanced Study in Sanskrit, Class B, No. 1. Some rubbing,slight corner & spine bumps,VG. dustwrapper ¶ Contents: Kavi & Kavya; Alamkaras; Upama; Rupaka; Other Alamkaras; Sabdalamklaras; Some specimens of Atharvanic Kavya; Retrospect; Bibliography.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS004858I


‎The Divinity of Krishna‎

‎New Delhi, Munshiram Manoharlal, (1984). orig.cloth. xv,179 pp, 22x14cm.. Minor rubbing, VG. dustwrapper ¶ Contents: Krishna in the Harivamsa: Chief Characteristics of a Hero in Heroic Poetry; Krishna as a Hero; Kishna as Supreme Divinity; Krishna in the ' Visnu' and 'Bhagavata Puranas'; Krishna's Nature and Relation to Creation: Krishna and Creation; Devotion (Bhakti); Krishna and Salvation; Conclusion; Bibliography.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS003226I


‎Buddhist Culture in Korea. [AND:] Folk Culture in Korea. [TWO BOOKS].‎

‎Seoul, International Cultural Foundation, 1974. Two volumes of the series. Royal octavo. Pp. 289; 304. Each with a suite of full-page photographic plates printed on thick, fine paper, some in colour. Hardcover, bound in the original publisher's cloth, with dust-jackets. In fine condition (ownership signatures). Excellent copies, practically unused. ¶ ~ First edition. Korean Culture Series, Volumes 3 and 4.‎

Bookseller reference : 3738 ISBN : 1974


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‎A Bibliography on Japanese Buddhism.‎

‎Tokyo, CIIB (Cultural Interchange Institute for Buddhists) Press, 1958. Octavo. Pp. xiii, 180. Frontispiece. Bound in the original stiff wrappers with integrated dust-jacket. In fine condition. ¶ ~ First edition.‎

Bookseller reference : 4771 ISBN : 1958


Librarium of The Hague
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‎A Bibliography on Japanese Buddhism.‎

‎Tokyo, CIIB (Cultural Interchange Institute for Buddhists) Press, 1958. Octavo. Pp. xiii, 180. Frontispiece. Bound in the original stiff wrappers with integrated dust-jacket. In a very good condition. ¶ ~ First edition.‎

Bookseller reference : 4770 ISBN : 1958


Librarium of The Hague
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‎The Geeta. The Gospel of the Lord Shri Krishna‎

‎London, Faber and Faber. 1982, Reprint. Softcover, 12mo. White card covers, a little darkened and spotted. Slight tanning to page edges. (ISBN: 0571061575) , Very Good/No Jacket.‎

Bookseller reference : 64630 ISBN : 0571061575


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‎The Literary Semantics of Kalidasa (A Pragmatic Approach)‎

‎Delhi, Gian Publishing House, (1987). orig.cloth. 22x14cm, vii, 147 pp. Minor rubbing. VG. dustwrapper. ¶ Contents: Information Theory and Word-Count Mathematics; Pragmatics; Stylistics; Kalidasa and his Readers.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS003866I


‎Vatesvara-Siddhanta and Gola of Vatesvara. Critically Edited with English Translation & Commentary. Part II: English Translation‎

‎New Delhi, Indian Natl. Science Academy, (1985). orig.cloth. 24x16cm, (57), 640 pp, Some discoloration to rear flyleaves. Some page-edge spotting & soil. In a heavily rubbed & soiled dustwr. Some rubbing. Small hole to front flyleaf. Good. dustwrapper. ¶ ["The Vatesvara-siddhanta is the largest & most comprehensive work on Indian astronomy and throws full light on the various methods and processes employed by Indian astronomers up to the tenth century...It was studied as a standard text in astronomy duyring the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries in India..." - Foreword]. Contents: Mean Motion: Revolutions of the Planets; Time-Measures; Calculation of the Ahargana; Computation of Mean Planets; Suddhi or, Intercalary Fraction, for Solar Year, Etc.; Methods of a Karana Work; Mean Planets by the Orbital Method; The Longitude-Correction; True Motion: Correction of Sun and Moon; Correction of Planets Under the Epicyclic Theory; Corrections of Planets Under the Eccentric Theory; Correction of Planets Without Using the Rsine Table; Correction of the Planets by the Use of Mandaphala and Sighraphala Tables; Elements of the Pancanga; Three Problems: Cardinal Directions & Equinoctial Midday Shadow; Latitude & Colatitude; The Sun's Declination; Day-Radius or Radius of the Diurnal Circle; Earthsine; Agra or Rsine of Amplitude at Rising; Ascensional Difference; Lagna or Rising Point of the Elliptic; Midday Shadow; Shadow for the Desired Time; Sun on the Prime Vertical; Sun's Altitude in the Corner Directions; Sun from Shadow; Graphical Representation of Shadow; Lunar Eclipse; Solar Eclipse: Lambana or Parallax in Longitude; Nati or Parallax in Latitude; Sthityardha and Vimardardha; Parilekha or Diagram; Parbvajnana or Determination of Parva; Computation with Lesser Tools; Heliacal Rising & Setting; Elevation of‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS011462I


‎The Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Dharmapada‎

‎Patna [Bihar], Jayaswal Research Institute, 1979. orig.wrappers. 24x15cm, viii,90 pp. Series: K. P. Jayaswal Research Institute, Tibetan Sanskrit Works Series, 19.. Rubbed. Spine paper-taped. A small chip to rear cover. Good. ¶ In Sanskrit (Roman script); introductory matter in English.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS025642I


‎The Heroic Age of India; A Comparative Study‎

‎Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd. London, 1929. First Edition, Hardcover (Original Cloth). Good Condition/No Jacket. 680 g.; VIII, 232 pages, 20 pages following advertising further volumes (nearly 60) in the series The History of Civilisation, preface by author and index. Navy blue coloured boards with gilt illustration embossed to the front panel and gilt titles to the backstrip. Bumping and rubbing to the head and to the heel of the backstrip and rubbing to the book corners and bumping to the lower book corners. A few light marks to the panels. There has been partial adhesion of the book's dustwrapper to the backstrip. The piece measures 3.5 " x 0.75 ". Browning and foxing to the text block edges. Browning and handling marks to the endpapers. The major fault has been a previous owner had obviously covered the dustwrapper and had placed tape to keep the cover secure, the remains of that tape can be seen to both the top and bottom edges of the endpapers. The top right-hand corner of the free front end paper has been clipped. The front hinge has cracked between the free front end paper and title page. Browning throughout the text and foxing is prevalent as well. A look at Indian poetry from the Heroic Age, as well as a look at the society, religion and governmental forces of that time as well. As the author states in his preface, page VII, "... in the following pages an attempt has been made to study the Sanskrit heroic poems as a parallel to similar poems of European lands. This involves an examination of the origin and development of these poems, including an investigation of the society to which they relate.". This book is part of The History of Civilisation series under the general editorship of C.K. Ogden. Size: 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Text body is clean, and free from previous owner annotation, underlining and highlighting. We haven't taken a picture of this book yet. Please email us and we will send you a picture. Quantity Available: 1.‎

Bookseller reference : 0106715


‎Kleine Schriften‎

‎Stuttgart, Franz Steiner, 1991. xvi + 459pp. + folding plates out-of-text, 23cm. in the series "Glasenapp-Stiftung" vol.31, cloth, VG, X71529‎

Bookseller reference : X71529


De Lezenaar
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‎Laughing Matters: Comic Tradition in India‎

‎Chicago, University of Chicago Press, (1987). orig.cloth. 24x16cm, xviii,497 pp, A small mark to top page-edge.. Minor rubbing, VG, in a torn dustwrapper. dustwrapper ¶ Contents: The Laughter of Ganesa: The Comic Tradition in Ancient India: The Aesthetics of Comedy & a Psychology of Laughter; Satire: The Laughter of the Sons of Bharata: The Forms & Functions of Satire: Idealization & Degradation; The Laughter of Kali: Satire of Manners: Affectation & the Degradation of Love; The Laughter of the Child: Social Satire: Corruption &the Degradation of Righteousness; The Laughter of Kama: Religious Satire: Hypocrisy & the Degradation of Piety; Humor: The Laughter of the Weaver: The Fool: The Wisdom of Fool; The Laughter of the Jackal: The Trickster: The Righteousness of Roguery; The Divine Comedy: The Laughter of Krsna: The Preserver: The Seriousness of Humor; The Laughter of Siva: The Destroyer: The Ambiguity of Truth; The Laughter of Kumara: The Comic Tradition in Modern India: In Search of Laughter.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS008237I


‎Fires of Love, Waters of Peace: Passion and Renunciation in Indian Culture.‎

‎Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1983. Hardcover. ISBN: 0824808282. First edition. Fine in a near fine (a bit sun faded along the spine) dust jacket. Fine in Near Fine dust jacket .‎

Bookseller reference : 34541 ISBN : 0824808282


‎Pandit Madhudsudhan Ojha Ki Saraswat Sadhana [Parts 1 & 2]‎

‎Jodhpur, Rajasthan Oriental Institute, 1997-1999. orig.boards. 24x15cm, 372 + 297 pp, TWO VOLUMES. Series: Rajasthan Oriental Research Institute, Rajasthan Puratana Granthamala Nrs. 191 & 193. Binding corners bumped. Minor rubbing. VG. ¶ A festschrift containing 59 papers [ 8 in English, remainder in Hindi & Sanskrit]. Includes: C.G. Kashikar "Vidya Vachaspati Pandit Madhu Sudan Ojha: The Great Authority on Vedic Rituals"; G.U. Thite "Introduction to Maharshikulavaibhavam"; R. Purohit "The Theory of Advaita Vedanta in the Light of the Works of Pandit Madhu Sudan Ojha"; A.S. Ramanathan " Contributions of Madhusudan Ojha to the Interpretation of Vedic Thought"; R.T. Vyas "Symbolism in Rgveda 4.58"; D. Bhattacharya "Uplaksana: A Bridge between Traditional & Symbolistic Interpretation of the Vedas"; A.S. Ramanathan "The Concept of Sapindya"; G.L. Suthar "An Appraisal of Reinterpretation of the Vaisesika Doctrines by Pt. Madhusudan Ojha"; etc. Paginations run: [Vol. 1] xxiv, 348pp; [Vol.2]: xxiii, 264 pp.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS009005I


‎A Study of the Sphutartha Srighanacarasangraha-tika‎

‎Patna, K.P.Jayaswal Institute, 1983. orig.cloth. 24x15cm, ii, 323 pp, Pages 41-122 Sanskrit text (Devanagari script).Page123-219 English translation.. Some binding corner bumps & spotting, Good +. dustwrapper ¶ Series: Tibetan Sanskrit Works series, no. XXIV.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS001482I


‎The Chowkhamba Sanskrit Studies Vol. LXXXVII - Glossary of Vegetable Drugs in Brhattrayi‎

‎Varanasi, India, Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office. 1972, First Edition. Hard Cover, 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. IN VERY GOOD ++ CONDITION. xviii, [6], 544pp, bound in red cloth, with binding and hinges tight. No labels, inscrioptions, nor markings. Title handwritten on spine. AYURVEDIC MEDICINE / REFERENCE. /No Jacket.‎

Bookseller reference : 003392


‎Ganapati-Tattwa. An old Javanese philosophical text.‎

‎New Delhi, International Academy of Indian Culture, 1958. Large 8°, original gilt lettered cloth, (8)pp. of introd. text in english, 140pp. in sanskrit, not transcribed, excerpt in indian language(transcribed) on pp. 141-170. [Satapitaka, vol. 6]. Fine copy. Rare.‎

Bookseller reference : 5305


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‎Social Life in Ancient India‎

‎Calcutta, University of Calcutta Press, 1971. orig.wrappers. 21x13cm, (4), 169 pp, Centre of Advanced Study in Ancient Indian History & Culture,Lectures & Seminars,nr. VI - B. minor rubbing, VG ¶ Contains 16 papers, including: J. Rai "Social Mobility in Ancient India"; D.R.Das "Go-grahana"; A.K. Chatterjee "Misogynistic Ideas in Ancient Indian Literature"; J.R.Haldar "Caste in Early Buddhist Literature"; K. Saha "The Brahmana in Pali Literature"; N.N.Bhattacharya "Matrilineal Inheritance in India"; K. Bajpeyi "Women in Early Mathura Epigraphs"; B.N. Sharma "Varna-vyavastha & Caste System in the Seventh Century A.D."; T.V. Mahalingam "The Saivas in the Society of the Pallava Age"; M.Mukhopadhyay "Social Life of the Gods in Sanskrit Literature", D.C.Sircar "South Indians in Bengal"; A.K. Chakravarti "Sources of Slavery in Ancient Cambodia"; S. Bandyopadhyay "Gambling in Early Indian Epigraphs", etc.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS002407I


‎The Bharata War and Puranic Genealogies‎

‎Calcutta, University of Calcutta, (1969). orig.wrappers. 21x13cm, (4),196,(1) pp, Contains 15 papers from Lectures & Seminars at the Centre of Advanced Study in Ancient Indian History &. Rubbed. a 2cm chip from front cover. Good. ¶ Includes: R.C. Majumdar "The Bharata War"; L.B. Keny "The Mahabharata War .A Historical Perspective"; N.N. Bhattacharya "The Kuruksetra War & the Pandavas"; B.P. Sinha "Role of Krsna in the Mahabharata War"; S.R. Das " The Mahabharata & Indian Archaeology"; R.C. Majumdar "Rajavamsavarnana in the Puranas"; D. C. Sircar "Nature of the Puranic Genealogies"; M. Rama Rao "The Post-Andhra Dynasties in the Puranas"; D.K. Ganguly "The Puranas &their Bearing on the Early Indian Dynasties"; B.D. Chatterjee "Puranic & Jain Evidence on the Early Dynasties"; Sm.B. Lahiri "The Puranic Tradition & Agnimitra Sunga"; N.N. Bhattacharya "Lunar Affiliation of Puranic Genealogy"; A.K. Chakravarty "Early History of the Saunakas"; U. Thakur " The Hunas in the Puranas".‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS004804I


‎Gitasitavallabhamahakavyam / Sitikanthaviracitam ; sampadaka Bhagavan Pandasarm‎

‎Bhubaneswar [Orissa], Directorate of Culture, 1981. orig. boards. 24x18cm, (16), 57 pp. Series: Utkaliya-pracya-granthamala (Samskrtam) ; 17; / Orissan Oriental Text Series (Sanskrit), 17.. Some rubbing. Good. ¶ In Sanskrit. Text in Devanagari characters, with critical apparatus in English. Added titlepage in English. Lyric poetry on Rama.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS015194I


‎The Saivaparibhasa of Sivagrayogin‎

‎Madras, University of Madras, 1982. orig.wrappers. 23x15cm, xiv,361 pp. Series: Madras University Philosophical Series, 35.. Rubbed. Corner bump. Good. ¶ Text in Sanskrit and English. A treatise on Saiva Siddhanta‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS017574I


‎Early Readings in Korean.‎

‎London, Centre for Korean Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 1987. Quarto. Pp. (iv), 291. Illustrations. Original green stiff wrappers. As new (small ownership signature). Excellent copy, practically unused.‎

Bookseller reference : 3739 ISBN : 1987


Librarium of The Hague
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‎The Gitagovinda of Jayadeva and the Krsna-yatra: An Interaction Between Folk and Classical Culture in Bengal‎

‎Warsaw, Oriental Institute, (1994). orig.wrappers. 23x16cm, 166 pp, Series: Warsaw University, Oriental Institute, Orientalia Varsoviensia, 6.. Minor rubbing. a removed-label mark to rear cover. VG. ¶ Contents: The Present Position of Research on the Gitagovinda of Jayadeva; the Gitagovinda & the Sanskrit Literary Tradition; Bengali Vaisnavism & Tantric Movements in Bengal; The Krsna-yatra; The Krsna-yatra & the Gitagovinda: Analysis of the Texts; Conclusion; Appendices: Small Elements of the Second Juncture; Krsnakamala Gosvami; The Scenario of the Gitagovinda.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS003143I


‎Hindu patterns of liberation.‎

‎Milton Keynes: Open University Press, 1979. First Edition. Softcover. Clean and tightly bound larger format paperback original, no inscriptions, appears little used. 52 pages, illustrations in the text, reading lists. Part of 'Man's Religious Quest' - course AD208, units 6, 7 and 8. Very Good.‎

Bookseller reference : 32052


Aucott & Thomas
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‎SMITH, HELMER [1882-1956]‎

‎Retractiones rhytmicae [together with: Analecta rhythmica]‎

‎Helsinki, Societes Orientalis Fennica, 1951-1954. orig. wrappers. 24x16cm, 37 +, TWO ITEMS. Series: Studia Orientalia edidit Societas Orientalis Fennica, 16,5. & 19,7.. Minor wear. VG. ¶ This is a collection of two offprints concerning Sanskrit philology, each separately bound in original wrappers, each authored by Helmut Smith. French text with extensive romanized Sanskrit. Includes: 1) "Retractiones Rhytmicae" [Helsinki, 1951, 37pp]; 2) "Analecta Rhythmica" [Helsinki, 1954,17pp].‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS026344I


‎Textile Japan, 1955.‎

‎Tokyo, Japan Textile Industry Research Institute, 1955. Crown quarto. Pp. 78, (12) illustrated advertisements. With over 80 mounted samples of cloth, silk, wool, and other textiles, old and modern materials. Illustrated throughout. In the original publisher's pictorial spiral binding. In fine condition.‎

Bookseller reference : 4124 ISBN : 1955


Librarium of The Hague
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‎A dictionary of Chinese Buddhist terms, with Sanskrit and English equivalents and a Sanskrit-Pali index‎

‎Taipei, Ch'eng Wen Publishing Company, 1975. xix + 510pp. 27cm. text printed in 2 columns, simili-leather binding, few foxing, [mainly bilingual: Chinese-English, with references to Sanskrit and Pali equivalents], X69051‎

Bookseller reference : T69051


De Lezenaar
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‎Om Sanskrits Stilling i den almindelige Sprogudvikling i Indien‎

‎Kobenhavn, Bianco Luno, 1894. orig.wrappers. 26x21cm, (2), (163) pp, Spine, cover edges, rear cover & last page margin waterstained. Rubbed, Exterior hinges glue-repaired, Good ¶ On Sanskrit's Position in the General Evolution of Language in India". Includes a 20pp French summary. This is "Det Kgl. Danske Videnskabernes Selskab Skrifter, 6. Raekke, Afd. III. 3". Pagination runs (2); 155 - 318‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS003917I


‎Om sanskrits stilling i den almindelige sprogudvikling i Indien. Köbenhavn, Bianco Lunos (F. Dreyer) 1894.‎

‎4to. Pp. (iv), 155-318. Treats the development and postition of the Sanskrit language. Contains a French summary. Included as "D.Kgl. Danske Vidensk Selsk. Skr., 6 Raekke, historisk og filosofisk Afd. iii. 3".‎

Bookseller reference : 99309


‎Chariots in the Veda.‎

‎Leiden: RUL, 1983. First edition. XIV, 193 p. Pbck. .‎

Bookseller reference : 6523


Netherlands Países Bajos Holanda Pays-Bas
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‎Sanskrit Syntax‎

‎New Delhi , Motilal Banarsidass Publishers , 1993 . Paperback. Reprint. Originally published in 1886, introduction by renowned early Sanskrit scholar and translator Kern. Succint account of Sanskrit syntax as represented in classic Sanskrit literature and taking into account archaisms and peculiarities of Vedic prose and epic poetry. Includes index of Sanskrit words. 402 pp. Price sticker to rear cover. Light sunning to spine, covers. Light scratching and rubbing to covers and spine. Light creasing to front cover, moderate creasing to spine, and moderate creasing to bottom left side of rear cover. Light edgewear including an 0.5 inch closed tear to front cover. Light curl to fore edge of covers, corners on several pages. Hole 1cm in diameter to half-title. Clean, unmarked. VERY GOOD MINUS .‎

Bookseller reference : 64666


‎Concept of Cow in the Rgveda‎

‎New Delhi, Motilal Banarsidass, (1979). orig.cloth. 22x14cm, xii,162 pp. Some stains to binding,minor rubbing, VG. dustwrapper ¶ Contents: The Cow in Vedic Economic Life:...Exegesis on Selected Passages, arranged according to context: Cow as Economic Wealth; The Economic Uses of Cattle; Cattle as the Desired Object of a Fight or Contest; The Sacrificer Gains the Protection of his Cows; Divine Protection Sought for Cows; Similes: Introduction; Formulaic Similes; Deities compared to 'Go',' Dhenu','Usra','Vasra'; The Cow's Milk is compared to Light; Milk Cows are compared to Water; Similes comparing the Milk Cow to Religious Thought; Th Cow in the Vedic Ritual: The Cow as the Sacrificial Animal:' Vasa'; 'Go' as the 'Ox' in the Ritual; as Metonymy for the Milk Oblation; in the Soma Preparation; in other Srauta Sacrifices; in Household Ceremonies; as Daksina; as the Cow desired by the Sacrificer; 'Go' and 'Stari' figuratively used to connote Ritual Implements; 'Cow* in Vedic Mythology; 'Cow' in Indra-Vrtra Myth; 'Cow' in the Myth of the Panis; 'Cow' in other Mythological Contexts; Epithets; Bibliography,Index of Rigvedic Passages; Word Index.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS004334I


‎Rangaramanujabhasyopeta Brhadaranyakopanisat : Angalanuvadasahita [Volumes I & II]‎

‎Melkote, Samskrta Samsodhana Samsat, 1995. boards.. 22x14cm, (409) + 296 pp, TWO VOLUMES. Vol. 1 bound in (blind) cloth, Vol. 2 (blind) quarter-cloth. Interior hinges of vol. 1 reinforced with paper tape.. Rubbed. Corner bumps. Stains to flyleaf of Vol. 1. Good. ¶ Hindu philosophical classic; Sanskrit text with English translation and Sanskrit commentary of Rangaramanuja. Brhadaranyakopanisat. Series: Academy of Sanskrit Research Series, No. 29 & 30. Pagination runs [Vol. 1] xli,368 + [Vol. 2] 296 pp.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS020850I

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