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‎Dodson kenneth‎


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‎Dodson Kenneth‎

‎Escale � felicidad‎

‎France empire 1959. in8. Cartonn�. 315 pages. France empire unknown‎

Bookseller reference : 138758

France Francia França France
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‎Dodson Kenneth‎

‎Scialuppe a mare‎

‎Baldini & Castoldi 1956. Buon esemplare rilegato con impressioni in oro. Edizione: 1a Baldini & Castoldi unknown‎

Bookseller reference : 11196

Libreria Yelets
Italy Italia Itália Italie
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‎Dodson Kenneth‎

‎Stranger To The Shore‎

‎London: Angus and Robertson 1957. 254 pages. Jacket is in Fair condition there is some general wear and a small piece missing on top edge of jacket but still presentable. Book is in Very good condition throughout. The Story Of A Man Looking For His Place In The World Of A Girl Running Away From Her Past And Of A Magnificently Described Sea Action. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Fair. Angus and Robertson Hardcover‎

Bookseller reference : 045613

Marlowes Books
Australia Australia Austrália Australie
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‎DODSON Kenneth‎

‎Straniero a terra.‎

‎Milano Baldini & Castoldi 1958 8vo tutta tela editoriale con sovraccopertina illustrata a colori pp. 448 unknown‎

Bookseller reference : 4-50834

Libreria Piani snc
Italy Italia Itália Italie
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‎Dodson Kenneth‎

‎Escale à felicidad‎

‎France empire 1959 315 pages in8. 1959. Cartonné. 315 pages.‎

‎Bon Etat couverture légèrement salie et usée intérieur frais‎

Bookseller reference : 138758

Livre Rare Book

Un Autre Monde
Val Couoesnon France Francia França France
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‎FRANCE-EMPIRE.. 1959.. In-8. Cartonné. Etat d'usage, Couv. légèrement passée, Dos frotté, Intérieur acceptable. 315 pages. Jaquette illustrée en couleurs. Tampon sur la page de titre. Scotch sur la jaquette. Jaquette légèrement abîmée.. Avec Jaquette. . . Classification Dewey : 810-Littérature américaine‎

‎Traduit de l'américain par R. Jouan. Classification Dewey : 810-Littérature américaine‎

Bookseller reference : R150079921

Livre Rare Book / Le Village du Livre
Sablons France Francia França France
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