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‎[Sale Catalogue of] Garden, Architectural and Fossil Decoration. 22 May 2007. Sale Code: B07860. FINE COPY‎

‎Oblong 4to., First Edition, with numerous coloured photographs throughout; original pictorial wrappers, a fine copy. The sale comprises 415 lots.‎

‎[Sale Catalogue of] Garden, Architectural and Fossil Decoration. 28 September 2004. Sale Code: B04881. FINE COPY‎

‎4to., First Edition, with numerous coloured and monochrome photographs throughout; original pictorial wrappers, a fine copy. The sale comprises 445 lots.‎

‎[Sale Catalogue of] Garden, Architectural and Fossil Decoration. 6 June 2006. Sale Code: B06820. FINE COPY‎

‎Oblong 4to., First Edition, with numerous coloured photographs throughout; original photographic wrappers, a fine copy. With the printed list of prices realised loosely inserted. The sale comprises 571 lots.‎

‎[Sale Catalogue of] Garden, Architectural and Fossil Decoration. 9 and 22 May 2009. Summers Place Auctions in association with Sotheby's, Sale Code: GS006. FINE COPY‎

‎Oblong 4to., First Edition, with numerous coloured photographs throughout; original photographic wrappers, a fine copy. The sale comprises 141 lots.‎

‎Dorotheum. Ausgrabungen. 19 Oktober 1996‎

‎271 lots la plupart illustrés en n/b. et coul. Inv. 24878 Livre‎


‎25 x 17 cm. 101 pag.‎

‎Origines de l'Homme. Musée de l'Homme. Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle.‎

‎147 p., nbr. illustrations in et hors-texte, en couleurs et en n/b. Inv. 10023. Livre‎

‎(Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Recreation)‎

‎The Fossil Elephants of Manitoba‎

‎Stapled wraps, edition not stated, illustrated, 24pp includes bibliography. Previous owner name inside front cover. Very good. 60 grams. All books in stock and available for immediate shipment from Winnipeg, Manitoba.‎


‎Correlation of Continental Vertebrate-bearing Rocks. (International Geological Congress, Report of the 18th Session, Great Britain 1948. Part XI.)‎

‎Small 4to. Pp. 93, figs., refs. Orig. wrs. - Contains 20 papers and abstracts‎


‎Das Pleistozän von Weimar-Ehringsdorf. III. Internationales Paläontologisches Kolloquium 1968. [Palaeont. Abh., 21 & 23.]‎

‎4to. Vol. 1: pp. 351, numerous photos, figs., diagrs. and tabs., 4 fold. pls. of sections in pocket, refs.; vol. 2: pp. 596, numerous photos, figs., diagrs. and tabs., 10 fold. tabs. and 1 fold. plan in pocket, refs. Orig. printed quarter cloth. - Exhaustive treatment of the paleontological aspects of the classic Pleistocene locality of Weimar-Ehringsdorf. The emphasis of the papers in the second volume is on the rich fossil mammal fauna.‎

‎[ Anonymus.] 1878.:‎

‎Das Auftreten der vorweltichen Wirbelthiere in Nordamerika. Nach den Arbeiten von Marsh, Cope, und Leidy. I. Fische, Amphibien, Reptile und Vógel. / II. Die Hufthiere. / III. Die Zehentiere.‎

‎8vo. Pp. 325-341;417-436;502-517, 8 wood-engraved figs. in text. Old plain wrs. - Extracted from unidentified journal.‎

‎[Association of Manitoba Museums] Marilyn de von Flindt (ed.) and B. Diane Skalenda (managing ed.)‎

‎Dawson and Hind, Volume 11 Number 3 (Fall 1983)‎

‎Paper bound. llustrated with photos in black and white and other illustrations. 46pp. 180 grams - ships lettermail. A very good or better copy. Feature articles include: Concerning Work: Change in the Work Process in Canada, 1850-2000 by Sharon Reilly; H.H. Marshall on Isolated Floral Communities in the Pembina Hills; The Morden Museum Fossil Gallery by David McInnes; Dugald Costume Museum by Susan Shortill; Greg Thomas and Danny Thompson write on Dramatic Interpretation: The Foss-Pelly Scandal at Lower Fort Garry; and Results of the Museums in Manitoba 1983 Survey by Kevin Scott. Approximately 40 issues of Dawson & Hind in stock! All books in stock and available for immediate shipment from Winnipeg, Manitoba.‎

‎[Saskatchewan Natural History Society] Ledingham, George F. (ed.)‎

‎The Blue Jay: December 1969, Vol. XXVII, No. 4‎

‎Paper bound (stapled wrappers), 12mo, blue and black & white covers, Pp181-240. Illustrated throughout with black and white photos and drawings, and occasional maps. Cover photo: Great Gray Owl, East Braintree, Manitoba, December 12, 1968 (see scan). A very good or better copy. About 70 grams -- ships lettermail! We currently have around 100 issues of 'The Blue Jay; A Journal of Natural History and Conservation for Saskatchewan and Adjacent Regions' (most issues from 1957-1978 in stock, with some duplicates). Contents of this issue include: The Preservation of Nature by J.S. Rowe; The status of the Great Gray Owl in Manitoba, with special reference to the 1968-69 influx; Some observations of the Knot on Old Wives and Last Mountain lakes; Annual May-day bird count, Saskatoon; Whooping Crane at Glaslyn, Saskatchewan, 1969; Early arrival date for Sora; Sight records for the Yellow-breasted Chat in southwestern Manitoba; Ninth annual report of the Brandon Juniors' nestbox project; Red-headed Woodpecker in the Kananaskis Valley; The present status of Double-crested Cormorant colonies in Manitoba; Bonaparte's Gull nesting at Glaslyn, Saskatchewan, 1969; Report of successful 1969 banding of bluebirds and Tree Swallows at Indian Head; A possible sighting of the Purple Sandpiper in southwest Manitoba; Orange-crowned Warbler nests near Saskatoon. Mammals: A Kangaroo Bat colony in Alberta; Comments on the range of the Northern Pocket Gopher in Alberta; Recent Alberta Pocket Mouse records; Fossil Leaf; plus book reviews; All books in stock and available for immediate shipment from Winnipeg, Manitoba.‎

‎AA.VV., 1990‎

‎Atlas of Mollusca and Foraminifera from the marine depositions of the Upper Jurassic of West Siberia. Due volumi in 8°, leg. edit., pp. 286+359 con 87+113 tavole (in russo)‎

‎Aalto, M., et al., 1989.:‎

‎An Interglacial beaver dam deposit at Vimpeli, Ostrobothnia, Finland. [Bull. Geol. Surv. Finland, 348.]‎

‎8vo. Pp. 34, 4 photos on 2 pls., 1 fold. section, 18 photos and figs. in text, refs. Orig. stiff wrs.‎

‎Abbott R.T., 1965‎

‎Miocene Strombus (Dolomena) from India. In 4°, offp., pp. 401-402 with 1 pl.‎

‎Abed M.M. & Metwally M.H., 1982‎

‎Some pectinids from the Egyptian Miocene deposits near th Mediterranean shore.In 4to, offp., pp. 8 + 2 pls. and 4 figs. Offprint from Boll. Soc. Pal. Ital., 21(2-3)‎

‎Abel, O., 1927.:‎

‎Lebensbilder aus der Tierwelt der Vorzeit. Zweite, erweiterte Auflage.‎

‎Large 8vo. Pp. viii,714,[4], col. frontisp., 1 col. pl., 551 photos and figs. in text, refs., index. Orig. cloth. Little foxing to part of front cover, contents fine. - Second (last) and best (much enlarged) edition of this classic of vertebrate paleobiology.‎

‎Accorsi Benini C. & Broglio Loriga C., 1977‎

‎Lithiotis Gümble, 1871 e Cochlearitis Reis, 1903 I°. Revisione morfologica e tassonomica. In 4to, offp., pp. 46 with 9 pls. and 21 figs. Disbound from Boll. Soc. Pal. It., 16(1)‎


‎Opisoma Stoliczka, 1871, Lamellibranco eterodonte della facies a Lithiotis (Giurassico inf. Liassico). In 4to, offp., pp. 32, with 4 pls. and 25 figs. Disbound from Boll. Soc. Pal. Ital., 20(2)‎

‎Accorsi Benini, C. 1979‎

‎Lithioperna, un nuovo genere fra i grandi lamellibranchi della facies a "lithiotis". Morfologia, tassonomia ed analisi morfofunzionale. In 4to, offp., pp. 37 with 6 pls. and 15 figs. Disbound from Boll. Soc. Pal. It., 18(2)‎

‎Addicott W.O., 1965‎

‎Some Western American Cenozoic Gastropods of the genus Nassarius. In folio, offp., pp. 29 with 3 pls. and 1fig. Geological Survey Prof. Paper 503-B‎

‎Addicott, W. O. 1970‎

‎Miocene Gastropods and Biostratigraphy of the Kern River Area, California. In folio, broch., pp. 174 with 21 pls. U. S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 642‎

‎Addicott, W.O. 1971‎

‎Tertiary Marine Mollusks of Alaska: An Annotated Bibliography. In 8vo, red buckram hardbound, pp. 30. Geological Survey Bulletin 1343. Inscribed copy‎

‎Addicott, W.O., 1966.:‎

‎Late Pleistocene marine paleoecology and zoogeography in Central California.‎

‎4to. Pp. iv,21,[3], 125 photos of molluscs on 4 pls., 6 maps in text, refs. Orig. wrs. - Based on fossil molluscan faunas.‎

‎Alberici, E., 1939‎

‎Osservazioni sui giacimenti fossiliferi eocenici dei dintorni di El-Fugha (Sahara Libico). In 8vo, original wrappers, pp. 28 with 1 pl. Offprint from Inst. Geol. Paleont. Geogr. Fis. Univ. Milano Publ. No. 14‎

‎Alencaster de Cserna, G., 1963.:‎

‎Pelecípodos del Jurásico Medio del noroeste de Oaxaca y noreste de Guerrero.‎

‎Pp. vi,52,[9], several photos on 8 pls., 3 fold. maps, 3 figs., refs. Orig. wrs.‎

‎Alexander, C.I., 1929.:‎

‎Ostracoda of the Cretaceous of North Texas.‎

‎Pp. 137, 10 pls., 2 sketch maps, 1 large fold. tab., bibl., index. Orig. wrs.‎

‎Allison R.C., 1973‎

‎Marine paleoclimatology and paleoecology of a Pleistocene invertebrate fauna from Amchitka Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska. In 8vo, offp., pp. 34 with 3 figs. Offprint from Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclim., Palaeocol., 13‎

‎Alméras Y. & Elmi S., 1982‎

‎Fluctuations des peuplements d'ammonites et de brachiopodes en liason avec les variations bathymétriques pendant le Jurassique inférieur et moyen en Méditerranée Occoidentale.In 4to, offp., pp. 19 with 3 pls. and 4 figs. Offprint from Boll. Soc. Pal. Ital., 21(2-3)‎

‎Ameghino, F., 1934.:‎

‎La perforación astragalina. (Obras completas, 15.)‎

‎Large 8vo. Pp. 727,[9], 61 figs. on 27 pls. New cloth. - Contains six papers on the astragalian perforation in fossil mammals. The remaining six papers include "Paleontologia Argentina: Relaciones filogenéticas y geográficas (pp. 5-93); Nuevas especies de Mamíferos cretácicos y terciarios de la República Argentina (pp. 93-219); Enumeración de los Impennes fófiles de la Patafonia y de la Isla Seymour (pp. 509-576); Les Edentés fossiles de France et d'Allemagne (pp. 577-686).‎

‎Amsden, T.W., 1968.:‎

‎Articulate brachiopods of the St. Clair Limestone (Silurian), Arkansas, and the Clarita Formation (Silurian), Oklahoma.‎

‎8vo. Pp. vi,117, 20 pls., 83figs., 34 tabs., refs., index.‎

‎Anderson, F.W., & Barker, D., 1966.:‎

‎Some British Jurassic and Cretaceous ostracoda.‎

‎pp. 433-487, many photos on 9 pls., 32 figs., refs. Orig. wrs.‎

‎Anderson, L.C., 2001‎

‎Temporal and geographic size trends in Neogene Corbulidae (Bivalvia) of tropical America: using environmental sensitivity to decipher causes of morphologic trends. In 4to, offp., pp. 20 with 10 figs. Offprint from Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 166‎

‎André SENET‎

‎L'homme à la recherche de ses ancêtres. Roman de la Paléontologie‎

‎. 342 + (1) p., 23 ill. hors texte; nombreuses ill. dans le texte. Inv. 10086. Livre‎

‎Andrée, K., 1910.:‎

‎Zur Kenntnis der Crustaceen-Gattung Arthropleura Jordan und deren systematischer Stellung.‎

‎pp. [ii],67-103,[4], 12 figs. on 2 pls., 4 figs. in text, refs. 4to. Offprint, orig. wrs.‎

‎Anfossi G., Brambilla G. & Cantaluppi G., 1983‎

‎Considerazioni paleoambientali sulle facies pleistoceniche a molluschi del Colle di San Colombano al Lambro (Lombardia). In 8vo, offp., pp. 10. Offprint from Lavori SMI, 1983‎

‎Anistratenko V., Dell'Angelo B., Vicián Z. & Anistratenko O., 2009.‎

‎First record of Tectura compressiuscula (Patellogastropoda, Lottiidae) from the Middle Miocene of Hungary. In 4to, offp., pp. 5 with 3 figs. Offprint from Boll. Mal. 45(2)‎



‎In 8o, pp. 52, br., alcune tavv. n.t. Supplemento al Bulletin del American Museum of Natural History vol. XX. Leggere tracce d'uso. Aggiunte manoscitte, datate 1906 al ultima pagina. Ottimo e raro (3966/ PALEONTOLOGY - PALEONTOLOGIA - FOSSIL - FOSSILI)‎

‎Anthony, R., & Soyer, R., 1940.:‎

‎Recherches sur une faune mammalienne des alluvions modernes de la Seine (Néolithique), Parc de Saint-Cloud, Paris.‎

‎pp. 99-154, 14 illus. in text, tabs., notes & refs. Offprint, orig. wrs. Rust marks of old staples in inner margin, good otherwise.‎

‎Aparicio M.T., 1985.‎

‎Variabilidad de Cernuella (Xeromagna) cespitum (Draparnaud, 1801) ed ejemplares espanoles e italianos (Pulmonata, Helicidae). In 8°, bross., pp. 8 with 5 figs. Offprint from Bollettino Malacologico 21(10-12)‎

‎Arber, E.A.N.‎

‎CATALOGUE OF THE FOSSIL PLANTS OF THE GLOSSOPTERIS FLORA. A Monograph of the Permo-carboniferous Flora of India and the Southern Hemisphere.‎

‎1905. 8vo. Pp, lxxiv,255,(8),25(pub ads). 8 plates, 51 text figs. Occasional foxing and fore-edge spotted. Ex reference library with small stamps mainly confined to verso of title, couple of pages and verso of plates. British Museum presentation label on paste down. Original brown cloth, gilt. Sound binding and covers. Couple of small spots on front cover. Book in VG state. We specialise in Science/Earth Sciences. . . .**. Business and shop Est. 1970. - The Trustees, B.M. 1st Edn.‎

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‎Armstrong, A.K., 1970.:‎

‎Mississippian rugose corals, Peratrovich Formation, West Coast, Prince of Wales Island, Southeastern Alaska.‎

‎4to. Pp. iv,44,[2], many photos on 3 pls., 29 figs., refs., index. Orig. wrs.‎

‎Arndt, Dr., 1850.:‎

‎Notice sur quelques corps fossiles recueillis aux environs de Symphéropol et envoyés à la Société.‎

‎pp. 1-6, 1 fold. lithogr. coloured by hand. Offprint, as issued. - The nice plate shows the tail piece of the fossil fish Platysomus fischeri Arndt.‎

‎Arthaber G., von, 1912‎

‎Üeber die Horizontierung der Fossilfunde am Monte Cucco (itallenische Carnia) und fiber die systematlsche Stellung von Cuccoceras Dien. In 8vo, offp., pp. 26 + 2 pls. Offprint from Jahrbuch K.-k. geol. Reichsanstalt, 62(2)‎

‎Asgaard, U., 1975.:‎

‎A revision of Sahni's types of the brachiopod subfamily Carneithyridinae.‎

‎pp. 317-365, several photos on 8 pls., 14 figs., 5 tabs., refs., index. Orig. wrs. - Upper Cretaceous (Upper Campanian and Lower Maastrichtian).‎

‎Baldauf, J.G., & Barron, J.A., 1987.:‎

‎Oligocene marine diatoms recovered in dredge samples from the Navarin Basin province, Bering Sea. [U.S. Geol. Surv. Bull., 1765.]‎

‎4to. Pp. iv,17, 152 microphotos on 14 pls., 2 sketch maps in text, refs., index. Orig. wrs.‎

‎Bandel, K. 1996‎

‎Some heterostrophic gastropods from Triassic St. Cassian Formation with a discussion of the classification of Allogastropoda. In 8vo, offp., pp. 41 with 18 figs. Offprint from Palaont. Z. 70‎

‎Bandy, O.L., & Kolpack, 1963.:‎

‎Foraminiferal and sedimentological trends in the Tertiary section of Tecolote Tunnel, California.‎

‎pp. 117-170, 36 figs., tabs. (partly fold.), refs. 4to. Offprint, orig. wrs. - Includes consideration of foraminiferal faunas.‎

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