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‎Bogomilstvo na pravoslavnom istoku [Bogomilstvo na Balkanu i u aloj Aziji (Volume 2)]‎

‎Beograd, Srpska Akademija Nauka, 1982. orig. wrappers. 24x16cm, (2), 234 pp, Serbocroatian text in Cyrillic script. Includes an 18-page French summary.. Minor rubbing. VG. ¶ Bogomilism in the Balkans & Asia Minor. II: Bogomilism in the Orthodox East". Part I was published in 1974.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS000360I


‎Bogomilizm ve Bosna Kilisesi.‎

‎Fine Turkish Paperback. Cr. 8vo. (20 x 14 cm). In Turkish. 320 p. Bogomilizm ve Bosna Kilisesi. Bogomilism and Bosnian Church.‎


‎De Katharen. Geschiedenis en Geheimen.‎

‎Librero, 2009. Hardcover, stofwikkel, kleine 4to, 192 pp. rijkelijk geïllustreerd. De kruistocht tegen chistenen. As new‎

Bookseller reference : 20080094


‎Poradi trakiiskiia orfizum : tri opita v istoriiata na ideite‎

‎Sofiia, Academichno Izd.Marin Drinov, 1999. orig.wrappers. 21x14cm, 183 pp.. Minor rubbing. VG. ¶ Bulgarian text. Includes a 2-page English summary. "Because of Thracian Orphism". Contents: Analitichni opiti verkhu "Vrgadena neviasta": [ Analytical attempts at 'immured bride'] Ubog; Dobrovolnata neviasta ot Tetovsko; Tezisni misli; Analitichni opiti verkhu "Taina kniga" na Bogomilite [Analytical attempts at 'Secret Book' of the Bogomils]: Razkrito segerzhanie; Tezisni misli; Prez zhivota k'm smertta [Through life to death]: Belezhki; Poslepis. [...In Bulgarian folk art, the inherently personal...The folklore song motif "immured bride" and the written Old Bulgarian text "Secret Book" of the Bogomils...are only two verbal records of the notional colon "Because of Thracian orphism". The Thraco-orphic belief in man's immortality is the Pre New Testament contents of Christian culture in sharp contract to the Old Testament. I clarify the ethno-cultural presence of Thrace-Macedonia in the New Testament as well as the sequence "Secret Book" Manichaeism as opposed to the academised sequence Manichaeism-Bogomil movement. I analyse the Lord's prayer for the first time with a view to its basic place in " Secret Book"...Hence my disagreement with the two opposities in the history of man's attitude to Christ - C.G. Jung & Nik. Berdyaev...In explainign the historic I choose not 'philosopheme' but 'concrete mythologeme' as Berdyaev prefers but to me it is the New Testament 'first heavenly riot' not the Old Testament 'original sin'..." -from Summary]‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS013407I

Number of results : 4 (1 Page(s))