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‎Les intégrismes. Dossier édité par J. Lemaire et J. Marx.‎

‎ULB (La pensée et les hommes, 29 année. Nouvelle série, 2), 1986, 16x24, 144, br. 240 g.‎

Bookseller reference : 18465

Livre Rare Book

Librairie Hervé Renard
Bruxelles Belgium Bélgica Bélgica Belgique
[Books from Librairie Hervé Renard]

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‎Secularization and Fundamentalism Reconsidered (Religion & the Political Order) (v. 3)‎

‎0913757977 First edition. Near fine.‎

‎Secularization and Fundamentalism Reconsidered (Religion & the Political Order) (V. 3)‎

‎New York: Paragon House, 1998. Paperback. 0913757977 First edition. Near fine.. Fine .‎

Bookseller reference : BING7976563 ISBN : 0913757977

‎The "Tongues" Question‎

‎Pasadena: Ambassador College Press, (1970). 8vo. Wraps. 37 p. Very good .‎

Bookseller reference : 57472

‎The Crusasder‎

‎Vol. 1, No. 1 (June 1, 1977) . Newsletter of the Eldridge Cleaver Crusades issued at Stanford, Calif.‎

Bookseller reference : 34303


‎Billy James Hargis' Favorite Hymns: Official Christian Crusade Song Book‎

‎Tulsa: Christian Crusade, 1961. 12mo. Wraps. 40 p. .‎

Bookseller reference : 30510


‎The Christ of the Ozarks‎

‎Eureka Springs, Ark.: Times-Echo, ca. mid-1960s. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2. Post card. Artists conception based on a model of the giant statue 'The Christ of the Ozarks,' now in the process of being constructed on Magnetic Mountain at Eureka Springs, Arkansas. To be seven stories high - arm span, 60 feet." The drawing differs somewhat from the finished statue which was completed in 1966. Smith devoted the last years of his career to the construction of this statue and a nearby amphitheatre at which a "Passion Play" is performed many times a year.‎

Bookseller reference : 70902

‎Abdelwahab MEDDEB.‎

‎La Maladie de lIslam.‎

‎Paris, Seuil ("La Couleur des Idées"), 2002. in-8, 221 pp., broché, couv. ill. pell.‎

‎Bel exemplaire. [109B-19]‎

Bookseller reference : 47950

Livre Rare Book

Librairie Pique-Puces
Wépion Belgium Bélgica Bélgica Belgique
[Books from Librairie Pique-Puces]

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‎Algeria: A Study in Competing Ideologies‎

‎London, Cassell. 1998, First Edition. (ISBN: 0304700126) Hardcover, 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Examines the extent to which the 1991-2 crisis in Algeria had its origins in the competing ideologies and policy choices of the Boumediene era (1965-78). In post-independence Algeria, the post-World War II French statist model on the one hand, and, on the other, the Soviet model of the planned economy were juxtaposed on the contradictions stemming from Algeria's colonial and pre-colonial history, the development of nationalist ideas and, finally, the creation of the Front de Liberation Nationale in 1954. These unresolved conflicts overshadowed independence and resulted in the establishment of the Boumediene presidency in 1965. The economic problems inherited from the colonial period absorbed policy-makers in this crucial post-independence period. However, the failure of the economy to deliver on its original promises, and the lack of control of cultural and ideological issues are shown to be the foundation of the conflicts of the 1990s. No Jacket, as Issued. Very Good.‎

Bookseller reference : 041033 ISBN : 0304700126


Delectus Books
United Kingdom Reino Unido Reino Unido Royaume-Uni
[Books from Delectus Books]

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‎Agerskov Michael‎

‎Some Psychic Experiences and Their Results‎

‎Toward the Light 1979. 1st Edition. Soft cover. Good. The wraps are a bit marked and worn. Soundly bound. Toward the Light paperback‎

Bookseller reference : ev73 ISBN : 8787871548 9788787871549

Chapter 1 Books
South Africa Sudáfrica África do Sul Afrique du Sud
[Books from Chapter 1 Books]

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‎Yale University Press. 2000. Soft Cover. PB/pub.2000/Gd.condition/274 pages - Militant Islam, oil and fundamentalism in Central Asia is discussed in this text. [TI5v36057]. Good.‎

Bookseller reference : v36057


‎Taliban. The Story of the Afghan Warlords: Including a New Foreword Following the Terrorist Attacks of 11 September 2001‎

‎London England, Pan, 2006. 1st Pan Book Edition, Binding: Soft Cover, Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall 0330492217 Paperback Paperback. Couple of slight creases to cover. Slight shelf wear to edges of cover. The tragic events of 11 Septemenbr have brought the Taliban into sharp focus as the most radical and extreme Islamist movement in the world. Little is known about the Taliban because of the deep secrecy that surrounds the organization, its leaders and its aims. The Taliban has attracted fascination and loathing, controversy and fear both in the Muslim world and in the West. The implications of Taliban expansion have already created severe instability in Russia and Central Asia. The Taliban has become a major player in the new 'Great Game' - harking back to the late-nineteenth-century British and Russian confrontation in the region, involving competition between Western oil companies, manipulation from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and iran and cover operations by the CIA. The Prize: access to the new oil fields and transit routes for oil pipelines, not to mention the allure - for some - of the narcotics trade. 276 pp. (We carry a wide selection of titles in The Arts, Theology, History, Politics, Social and Physical Sciences. academic and scholarly books and Modern First Editions etc.).‎

Bookseller reference : 075421


The London Bookworm
United Kingdom Reino Unido Reino Unido Royaume-Uni
[Books from The London Bookworm]

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‎Resistance and Control in Pakistan.‎

‎Routledge, 1991. Soft Cover, Foreword to this edition by Francis Robinson. 207pp, softback covers. Some passages marked to the Foreword, otherwise internally clean and tight. Is Islamic fundamentalism to be understood purely in religious terms? The author is an administrator and anthropologist who places the dramatic story of the revolt of the Mullah of Waziristan in the context of similar movements in the Muslim world... Good.‎

Bookseller reference : 16628


Hessay Books
United Kingdom Reino Unido Reino Unido Royaume-Uni
[Books from Hessay Books]

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‎AKKENT, Meral - FRANGER, Gaby.‎

‎Le Foulard ... un morceau de tissu dans le passé et au présent.‎

‎Bruxelles, La Voix des Femmes, 1990. in-4° 108 pp., nombreuses photos n&b, broche, couv. illustree.‎

‎Bel exemplaire. [PIL-4/2] Catalogue d'exposition.‎

Bookseller reference : 16741

Livre Rare Book

Librairie Pique-Puces
Wépion Belgium Bélgica Bélgica Belgique
[Books from Librairie Pique-Puces]

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‎AKKENT, Meral - FRANGER, Gaby.‎

‎Le Foulard ... un morceau de tissu dans le passé et au présent.‎

‎in-4° 108 pp., nombreuses photos n&b, broche, couv. illustree. Bel exemplaire. [PIL-4/2] Catalogue d'exposition.‎


‎Cultural Policy in the Yemen Arab Republic‎

‎Paris, UNESCO. 1982, First Edition. (ISBN: 9231019767) Paperback, 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Ex-Library, Some minor marks. Good.‎

Bookseller reference : 013449 ISBN : 9231019767


Delectus Books
United Kingdom Reino Unido Reino Unido Royaume-Uni
[Books from Delectus Books]

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‎The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity‎

‎London, Verso, 2002. orig.boards. 22x14cm, x,342 pp.. Minor rubbing. VG. dustwrapper. ¶ Contents: Mullahs and Heretics -- 1 An atheist childhood -- 2 The origins of Islam -- 3 The empire of the world -- 4 Jerusalem, Jerusalem -- 5 Ottomanism -- 6 The joys of heresy -- 7 Women versus the eternal masculine --PART II One Hundred Years of Servitude -- 8 A spring memory -- 9 The roots of Wahhabism -- 10 The kingdom of corruption -- 11 Zionism, the First Oil War, resistance -- 12 Marginal notes on the chapter of defeats --13 The anti-imperialism of fools -- 14 An ocean of terror --PART III The Nuclear Wastelands of South Asia -- 15 The case ofAnwar Shaikh -- 16 Plain tales from Pakistan -- 17 Afghanistan: between hammer and anvil -- 18 The story of Kashmir --PART IV A Clash of Fundamentalisms -- 19 A short-course history of US imperialism -- 20 September surprise -- 21 Letter to a young Muslim --Appendix On the Israeli-Arab war -- Isaac Deutscher.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS014506I


‎Islamic democracy and its limits : the Iranian experience since 1979.‎

‎London: Saqi. 2007. Hardcover. Dustjacket. 255p. Bibliography. Index. Mailorder only - Alleen verzending mogelijk. Condition : as new. . ISBN 9780863566509‎

Bookseller reference : #257777


Kloof Booksellers & Scientia Verlag
Netherlands Países Bajos Holanda Pays-Bas
[Books from Kloof Booksellers & Scientia Verlag]

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‎Hippies, Hyprocisy and Happiness Illus. with photos‎

‎Pasadena: Ambassador College Press, ca. 1969. Wraps. 47 p. Fine The Armstrong cult's take on the hippie phenomenon.‎

Bookseller reference : 22259


‎French Politics and Algeria: The Process of Policy Formation 1954-1962‎

‎New York, Appleton Century Crofts. 1962, First Edition. Paperback, 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Some scuffing and wear to spine and wrappers. Good.‎

Bookseller reference : 040583


Delectus Books
United Kingdom Reino Unido Reino Unido Royaume-Uni
[Books from Delectus Books]

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‎anonyme (François-Louis Gauthier et L.-E. Rondet)‎

‎Traité contre les Danses et les Mauvaises Chansons dans lequel le danger & le mal qui y sont renfermés sont démontrés par les témoignages multipliés des Saintes Ecritures, des SS. PP. des conciles, de plusieurs evêques du siécle passé & du nôtre, d'un nombre de théologiens moraux & de casuistes, de jurisconsultes, de plusieurs ministres protestans, & enfin des païens même‎

‎Lyon, chez Rusand Libraire, 1821 – Reliure d’époque, plein maroquin, pièces dorées au dos, 11 cm x 17,5 cm, XXXVI+ 311 pages – Texte anonyme (François-Louis Gauthier et L.-E. Rondet)- Bien complet des trois parties, 1 trace d’humidité sur la première page sinon bon état‎

Bookseller reference : LRB15569

Livre Rare Book

Librairie Sedon
Bécherel France Francia França France
[Books from Librairie Sedon]

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‎Spokesmen for the Despised: Fundamentalist Leaders of the Middle East‎

‎Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1997. orig.wrappers. 23x15cm, viii,429 pp. PAPERBACK.. Minor rubbing. VG. ¶ Behind the bloody acts of terrorism, the mobs chanting with upraised fists, the backroom and front-page politics in the Middle East, stand powerful religious leaders cloaked in mystery and fanaticism. This book seeks to lifts the veils, presenting eight vivid portraits of fundamentalist leaders who have turned their charismatic religious authority to powerful political ends. The deeds of the men profiled in this book make history and headlines, whether through the anti-American rhetoric of the late Iranian revolutionary Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini; the violent acts of Hizbullah; or the group of Jewish rabbis who appear to have inspired the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The biographies include interviews with true believers and bitter opponents, and in a number of cases with the subjects themselves, placing the lives of these leaders in the contexts of their religious traditions and their varied social, political, and religious settings" - Publisher's description.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS015614I


‎The Battle for God‎

‎Ballantine Books January 30 2001. Paperback. New. Brand New Softcover. 2001 Ballatine. Flawless item. Ballantine Books paperback‎

Bookseller reference : 0345391691 ISBN : 0345391691 9780345391698

Heritage Books
United States Estados Unidos Estados Unidos États-Unis
[Books from Heritage Books]

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‎An Ko'ida, Yihat, Che Ai, læ khabuankan kokanrai Phak Tai [ Algoida Jihad J.I. lae khabvan karn korkarnrai paktai ]‎

‎Krung Thep [Thailand], Openbooks, 2548 [2005 CE]. orig. wrappers. 19x12cm, 136 pp.. ISBN: 9789749292792. Minor rubbing. VG. ¶ Text entirely in Thai. Concerning political violence and Islamic fundamentalism in Southern Thailand.‎

Bookseller reference : BOOKS008664I ISBN : 9789749292792

‎Author Not Stated‎

‎Educational Leadership on Tape: 8 Audio Cassettes in Case‎

‎Circa 1994. Topics include: The Changing Curriculum; Outcome-Based Education; Systemic Change; New Roles - New Relationships; Character Education; Can Public Schools Accommodate Christian Fundamentalism; Teaching for Understanding; plus 'Dream your Dream' by Dick Caldwell. Light wear. Clean and unmarked. Nice sturdy copy.‎

‎Ayres CE. C. E.‎

‎Science the False Messiah‎

‎Indianapolis IN: Bobbs-Merrill Company 1927. First edition. Hard Cover. Very Good . Beautiful antique book. Religion says Science is evil and the work of the devil in 1927. This 295 page book is nice clean and tight to spine a wonderful collectible from a different era. First Edition black cover with orange lettering. <br/><br/> Bobbs-Merrill Company hardcover‎

Bookseller reference : 00485

Melissa E Anderson
United States Estados Unidos Estados Unidos États-Unis
[Books from Melissa E Anderson]

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‎Aspects of Algerian Cultural Policy‎

‎Paris, UNESCO. 1978, First Edition. (ISBN: 9231014749) Paperback, 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Ex-Library, Some minor wear. Good.‎

Bookseller reference : 013452 ISBN : 9231014749


Delectus Books
United Kingdom Reino Unido Reino Unido Royaume-Uni
[Books from Delectus Books]

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‎Jihad Vs. Mcworld: How the Planet Is Both Falling Apart and Coming Together and What This Means for Democracy‎

‎New York, Times Books, 1995. Hardcover. Hardcover with dustjacket. 8vo. First edition. Review material laid in. Book is in near fine condition; bottom edge and one corner are bumped. Jacket is in near fine condition, with lightly rubbed edges. 381 pp. including index. .‎

Bookseller reference : 10885

‎BARR, James.‎

‎Explorations in Theology 7. The Scope and Authority of the Bible.‎

‎"These papers, some previously unpublished, raise important questions about the nature, use and context of theological study of the Bible." Pp.x/150, owner's name to front free endpaper.Paperback. VG. - London: SCM, 1980.‎

Bookseller reference : 41537

Books at PBFA

Beckham Books Ltd
United Kingdom Reino Unido Reino Unido Royaume-Uni
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‎Bartol Vladimir‎


‎Phébus, 1988 - Fort Volume broché au format In-8°, élégant ensemble de belle couverture rempliée illustrée en fines couleurs, 582 pages, joli exemplaire de très belle tenue .‎

‎- Très Bon Etat ATTENTION: Paiement immédiat de vos achats avec Paypal en renseignant l'adresse EBAN N° FR76 1027 8072 4400 0617 8520 193 acceptant les virements bancaires. Port payé pour vos commandes dépassant 30 euros **** livraison en dépôt MONDIAL RELAY renseigner au besoin votre lieu de retrait HABITUEL **********‎

Bookseller reference : 12447

Livre Rare Book

Librairie Artlink
Saint-Haon-le-Vieux France Francia França France
[Books from Librairie Artlink]

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‎L'intégrisme républicain contre la laïcité‎

‎Paris, Editions de l'Aube, "Essais", 2006, 14,5 x 22, 302 pages sous couverture illustrée.‎

‎Petits défauts d'usage.‎

Bookseller reference : SOCIO23160617

Livre Rare Book

Le Plaisir du Texte
Lyon France Francia França France
[Books from Le Plaisir du Texte]

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‎Bawer Bruce‎

‎Stealing Jesus : How Fundamentalism Betrays Christianity‎

‎New York NY U.S.A.: Crown Publishers Inc. 1997. DJ is clean and colorful. Cover is black paper on boards. Spine is red cloth with gold lettering. Cover Pages and Binding are clean and tight. Minor edge and corner wear. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. 8vo - over 7�" - 9�" tall. Crown Publishers Inc. Hardcover‎

Bookseller reference : 130676 ISBN : 0517706822 9780517706824

Top Notch books
United States Estados Unidos Estados Unidos États-Unis
[Books from Top Notch books]

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‎Bawer, Bruce‎

‎Stealing Jesus: How Fundamentalism Betrays Christianity‎

‎0517706822 Near Fine‎


‎Stealing Jesus: How Fundamentalism Betrays Christianity‎

‎New York, New York, U.S.A.: Crown, 1997. First Edition. Hardcover. 0517706822 Near Fine. Fine .‎

Bookseller reference : APR701 ISBN : 0517706822


‎Stealing Jesus : How Fundamentalism Betrays Christianity.‎

‎New York, NY, U.S.A., Crown Publishers Inc., 1997. First Edition (ISBN: 0517706822) 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall, Hard Cover Very Good/Very Good. DJ is clean and colorful. Cover is black paper on boards. Spine is red cloth with gold lettering. Cover, Pages and Binding are clean and tight. Minor edge and corner wear.‎

Bookseller reference : 130676 ISBN : 051770


‎ALORS C'EST QUOI L'ISLAM ? / Les fondements, Islam et culture, Islam et Histoire, Morale et destinée, Guerre sainte, Intégrisme, Terrorisme, Société, Relations avec les autres religions ...‎

‎ISBN : 2-85616-845-0. PRESSE DE LA RENAISSANCE. 2001. In-8 Carré. Broché. Bon état. Coins frottés. Dos satisfaisant. Intérieur frais. 105 pages - Quelques rousseurs naturelles‎

‎Table : Les fondements, Islam et culture, Islam et Histoire, Morale et destinée, Guerre sainte, Intégrisme, Terrorisme, Société, Relations avec les autres religions ...‎

Bookseller reference : R200089821

Livre Rare Book / Le Village du Livre
Sablons France Francia França France
[Books from / Le Village du Livre]

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‎Bendroth, Margaret Lamberts.‎


‎pp. x, 179. Tall 8vo. Original full cloth binding. Original dust jacket. Numerous pencil and ink underlings. WOMEN 1‎

‎Benjamin C. Horrell‎

‎The Broken Chains‎

‎<p>This well reputed and very useful book offers lots of suggestions as to what to say for that weekly sermon.  Tight complete and unusual in this condition.</p><p>Photos on request.</p> Pathway Press paperback‎

Bookseller reference : biblio522

Rutter's Rarities
United States Estados Unidos Estados Unidos États-Unis
[Books from Rutter's Rarities]

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‎Holy War Inc.: inside the secret world of Osama Bin Laden.‎

‎Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2001. First Edition. Hardcover. New book in an unclipped dustjacket. Unread. 292 pages.. As New in As New dust jacket.‎

Bookseller reference : 5500


Aucott & Thomas
United Kingdom Reino Unido Reino Unido Royaume-Uni
[Books from Aucott & Thomas]

€5.71 Buy


‎Holy War Inc. Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden.‎

‎New York / London, The Free Press, 2002. hardcover with dustjacket, IX ( + V), 283 pp.. ISBN: 0743205022‎

Bookseller reference : 6178 ISBN : 0743205022


Antiquariaat Academia
Netherlands Países Bajos Holanda Pays-Bas
[Books from Antiquariaat Academia]

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‎Menace in Europe. Why the Continent's Crisis Is America's, Too‎

‎(New York: Crown Forum, 2006) 9781400097685. . 8vo; original papered boards, lettered in silver gilt on spine; laminated pictorial dustwrapper; pp. (xii) + 271, incl. index. Very good condition. "Europe, the charming continent of windmills and gondolas. But lately, Europe has become the continent of endless strikes and demonstrations, bombs on the trains and subways, radical Islamic cells in every city, and ghettos so hopeless and violent even the police won't enter them. In Spain, a terrorist attack prompts instant capitulation to the terrorists' demands. In France, the suburbs go up in flames every night. In Holland, politicians and artists are murdered for speaking frankly about Islamic immigration. This isn't the Europe we thought we knew. What's going on over there? Traveling overland from London to Istanbul, journalist Claire Berlinski shows why the Continent has lately appeared so bewildering - and often so thoroughly obnoxious - to Americans... Berlinski provocatively demonstrates that Europe's political and cultural crisis mirrors its profound moral and spiritual crisis. But this is not just Europe's problem. Menace in Europe makes clear that the spiritual void at the heart of Europe is ultimately our problem too. And America will pay a terrible price if we continue to ignore it.".‎

Bookseller reference : 8595


Christison Rare Books
South Africa Sudáfrica África do Sul Afrique du Sud
[Books from Christison Rare Books]

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‎The Red and Yellow Peril Intro. by W. D. Herrstrom‎

‎Wichita: Defender Publishers, (1937). 8vo. Wraps. 59 p. Tract exposing the Red Menace in China. Contains a chapter entitled "Dope." Blomgren was also the author of "Marching Millions with the God of the Godless," "Mum's the Word in Russia" and "Ethiopia Here I Come Says Mussolini." Defender Publishers was the imprint of Gerald B. Winrod.‎

Bookseller reference : 34514

‎BRIAULT, Albert - FAUTRAD, Pierre.‎


‎Fyé (72490 Bourg-le-Roi) : P. Fautrad, 1978. In-8 (22 cm), broché, en appendice, choix de textes et de documents. 213 pages, 300 gr.‎

‎Très bon état.‎

Bookseller reference : 02068

Livre Rare Book

Bedot Bouquiniste
Le Mans France Francia França France
[Books from Bedot Bouquiniste]

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‎Mixed Blessings: Gender and Religious Fundamentalism Cross Culturally‎

‎NY, Routledge. 1997, 1st. (ISBN: 0415911850). Hard, 8vo. SIGNED First edition, first printing. Hard cover. Published NY: Routledge, 1996. 8vo. vi+275 pages. Inscribed by author Joan Mencher on fly leaf. A near fine copy. Near Fine/No Jacket. Signed by Author.‎

Bookseller reference : 002424 ISBN : 0415911850


‎Was Darwin Right?‎

‎Glendale, CA: Glendale News Commercial Printing Company, 1928. 1st Edition. Booklet. Creationist anti-evolutionary tract. This booklet is in Very Good condition and was issued without a dust jacket. This is a trade sized booklet with cardstock covers and a stapled spine. The covers have some light ground in dirt and toning, especially to the edges and along the rear spine joint. The text pages are clean and bright. "In 1926 antievolutionists in North Carolina hyperbolically hailed the visiting lecturer Arthur I. Brown the greatest scientist in all the world. The doctor's own handbills more modestly introduced him as one of the best informed scientists on the American continent. Whatever his reputation in the wider world of science, during the 1920s and 1930s Brown undoubtedly ranked among the top three or four scientific critics of evolution in the fundamentalist community.". Very Good .‎

Bookseller reference : 31598


‎Into the Clouds.‎

‎Findlay OH, Fundamental Truth Publishers, 1940. (ISBN: none) 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾ Tall, Hard Cover Fair/No Jacket. Presents the case for the return of Christ in the period immediately before WWII. Red boards have a large, old dampstain on bottom front, spine is lightly spotted. Pages are clean, text is unmarked.‎

Bookseller reference : 004344


‎Slime Pits‎

‎Siloam Springs, Ark.: International Federation Publishing Co. ca. 1920s. 1st edition. 12mo. Brown cloth, stamped in black. 177 p. Some cover wear, a couple of spots on rear cover; else a good copy A series of sermons by Brown, who was President of the International Federation of Christian Workers, on the decadence & immorality of American society based on the text: "And the vale of Siddim was full of slime pits; and the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled and fell there. Gen. 14:10.‎

Bookseller reference : 83461


‎Chapter and Verse: A Skeptic Revisits Christianity‎

‎Westminster, Maryland, U.S.A. Random House Inc. 1991. (ISBN: 0394575091). Hard Cover. Hardcover/Gd. condition/324 pages - A skeptic revisits christianity. (K1098HR2). Good.‎

Bookseller reference : K1098 ISBN : 0394575091

‎Bull, Christopher‎

‎Perfect Enemies: The Religious Right, the Gay Movement, and the Politics of the 1990s‎

‎0517701987 Inscribed presentation copy signed by John Gallagher.‎


‎Perfect Enemies: The Religious Right, the Gay Movement, and the Politics of the 1990s‎

‎Toronto, ON, Canada: Crown, 1996. First Edition. Hardcover. 0517701987 Inscribed presentation copy signed by John Gallagher.. Fine .‎

Bookseller reference : LD1623 ISBN : 0517701987

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